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November 8, 2007 at 10:53 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | Leave a comment

I’m just going to have to stop posting these kinds of stories. Obviously, I’m fine with lazy journalism blogging, but I just can’t read anymore of this crap. Robbi Pickeral has a somewhat interesting read on how Carolina intends to improve their D. I’d be very surprised if we did. Roy should use whatever (even insignificant non-rate based stats) he can to motivate his team, and perhaps we will see a massive improvement on that end from Wayne and Ty. Consider me skeptical though. Ever wanted to read a high school sophomore’s journal? He’s going to regret this. I guess there is some kind of gridiron this weekend, perhaps I’ll preview that laters.

Kentucky is off to a great start. I hate Wildcat supporters and hopefully they’ll be begging for the return of Tubby. Not likely, I suppose.

Dave’s football blog has a post up about a NFL-like European football league. It is also a bit terrifying. First off, Platini has some valid points. Champions League should be for Champions and Champions League should be a league too, no? I think they should go back to calling it the European Cup and have random draws like the FA Cup. That would bring back some excitement and legitimacy to the competition. What Dave proposes is more likely (albeit highly unlikely) though because it creates more money for the big clubs. As it is now the big clubs get cushy groups with guaranteed TV money for 8 games and almost guaranteed progression to the knock-out round. Italy, England, and Spain get 4 teams each and 10 of the 12 are practically through to the next round. Liverpool will probably manage to make it 11. Last season every club from Europe’s top three leagues advanced. Money, not fair competition, is clearly the point of all this. If they ever do break off, I’ll be ignoring whatever they create. I’d rather win the league any day than the current Champions League competition and if they make the Cash Cup even more illegit then who will care? Here are last night’s scores and the current standings.

Steve Phillips has the Dodger’s off-season game-plan. I just have to add that if we move Juan Pierre to LF, where I’m willing to bet he would become the first left fielder to play 162 games and not homer than I may have to start a new blog called Slappy’s Quest where I chronicle his attempt to set a record for ineptitude and lowest VORP. Please. No.

The Bobbycats apparently won’t go undefeated or perhaps even win 25 games. The Hurricanes take on the city of Tampa. Cow College breakdown forthlaters.

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