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November 12, 2007 at 2:48 pm | Posted in Jackie Manuel | Leave a comment

That was not very fun. We got a decent performance and even got a few breaks that could have gotten us the win. It was surprising to see State run the ball down out throats, but give credit to the Pack’s offensive line. Our O-line was just unable to open up any holes against a weak front seven and too often on crucial plays, Yates was under pressure. He is also seeing blitzers even when there are not any, typical behavior of a Freshman QB. State was the better team but oh how we would have cherished an undeserved win over the necks in Carter-Finley. There are quite a few supporters who had held on to the dream of an exhibition in Boise, but the signs have always been clear that this team was too green and too poor. Saturday was painful, but the program is might be on the rise. Perhaps by the time we are good, we’ll be playing in a legit competition. We could still finish third? Also, f*ck North Carolina State.

Speaking of that…..IT IS BASKETBALL SEASON!!! I saw the Heels on Friday and it went pretty much as expected. Lawson struggled in the first half, but was dominant in the second. Tyler did his thing. Deon looked better than he played. Wayne Ellington 2007-08 didn’t look very different from Wayne Ellington 2006-07. Danny Green looked very strong and I think he might end up getting big minutes for us this season. Q-Tip had a good first half as well. It was fun, but obviously you can’t take too much from a game where Carolina is physically dominant everywhere. Davidson Dook Jr. will be a bit different as they will provide clues to the questions about Carolina’s ability to knock down open threes as well as our ability to defend the perimeter. They are confident. ACC NOW has a season preview posted. I think we already know that Deon is going to break out.

Yoni Cohen blogs about some of the early upsets. The Hurricanes had an impressive comeback on Saturday night. Belicheat Jr. coaching Utah? Not that kind of goal. Let’s all laugh at Shrek. Kill me. Premiership highlights. Until tomorrows.


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