Week #10-N.C. State

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O/U on years as State coach: 2.5

North Carolina State University

Ah…State week. No matter how bad both programs are, this game is always the high point of the season. When you look at Chuck Amato’s North Carolina State teams, you could argue that he achieved reasonable success outside of beating North Carolina. The last two years were disappointing, but considering State’s pitiful gridiron history, well…Chuck Amato’s reign was a high point. Not beating North Carolina, something State has mastered over the years, however, just drives their supporters crazy. I’m not saying the rivalry doesn’t mean anything to us but I do advise pretending this when dealing with a Pack supporter. Honestly, the John Bunting era would be looked upon as a complete disaster were it not for some big wins over the Pack. Both new coaches are taking a different view of the game….talking respectfully of the other coach and program.

But what Davis and O’Brien will do is prepare their respective teams to the best of their ability, as well as put a product on the field that both fan bases will be proud of – after all, that’s the reason these two men were hired in the first place. While this rivalry will always ignite tension-filled arguments through various media outlets across this state, it’s nice to know that the UNC and NCSU football programs finally reside in hands that are able to eventually make this matchup important on the national level.

That remains to be seen…but yeah perhaps it would be good if this rivalry were not the high point of the season. Until then though…..we better beat State.

Keys to the Game:

1. Score more points.

2. Protect the QB, Attack theirs. I might just leave this one permanently too. Both offensive lines have struggled a bit recently. With the lunatic fringe making plenty of noise, we’ll need to give Yates time.

3. Win the game with our D. Can we make it two in a row?

Info: 12:00 R-LFN, UNC is favored by 3.5

Prediction: UNC 16-17 NCSU

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