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November 13, 2007 at 10:30 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | Leave a comment

I don’t know what happened with wordpress yesterday. Anyways…the State ‘preview’ was posted yesterday again. Eh. Um. OK. Less than 34 hours from season’s tip and it really is all very exciting. With the exception of exam week, we’ll have a game to watch and discuss every week until March. How did we make it so long with out Carolina basketball? Adam Lucas has a mailbag posted and in it he reveals that the Bojangles promotion is back! Victory tastes good. In less important news, Lucas notes that there is some correlation between 3 point shooting percentage and success for the Heels. That is not surprising, but I think this team is capable of shooting a high percentage if we don’t take too many. Hopefully we are only taking the ‘this team is forcing us to make a wide open trey’ three pointer. I’m talking box and 0 here or pentagon defense or whatevers. We’ll need to work hard against zones and double teams to get the ball inside. Not rocket science really. Roy had his first radio show of the season last evening. He’s not sure whether Alex or Deon will get the start tomorrow night and is a bit concerned about how little time the team will spend playing games in the Smith Center over the next month. It will be a daunting stretch. I’m not going to post a season preview as I think it’s clear from the blog what I think. We are good but there are major questions about how good. I think it is just as likely that this team in not as good as last season, as it is that we will waltz through the ACC and end up in San Antonio. Both of those thoughts could be the case too. If you are looking for season previews look here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. If you are looking for the best season preview out there get this.

Gridiron news this morning is depressing, but Butch has a theory. I’d also like to have more balance, but that would mean watching less sport and reading more or possibly not drinking so many scotches. Seems unlikely.

The Canes were on national television Versus last night and earned a tough fought win over the Florida Panthers. It was a bit scary though, as Erik Cole went flying into Vokoun and had to be carried off the ice on a stretcher. It seems he’s going to be OK, but I’m not sure he can continue to play at that kind of speed and avoid injury. His aggressiveness is a huge part of what makes him so good though so I don’t imagine he’ll be changing. The best part of the game was Corey Stillman taking the piss out of Vokoun by faking the flip up the boards and then shooting from 75 feet. Good stuff.

Arsenal go back top. Gary Bettman running cricket now? A plan for the Miami Dolphins? Until Opening Day….

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