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November 15, 2007 at 9:03 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 3 Comments

Carolina wins. Huge effort on defense, some clutch play from Wayne and Ty, and a few lucky breaks were keys for the Heels. I think it is fair to say we didn’t take Davidson’s best shot and even though the shots did not fall, their offense is very impressive. Even more impressive was their ability to hang with us on the boards….an extremely worrying sign. Deon Thompson is supposed to step right in for Brandan and after one game that seems unlikely. I guess we’ll need a bigger sample size, but clearly Roy was not impressed as he played only 15 minutes. Last season we cleaned up over 70 of opposition shots, making our defense very efficient. At least the perimeter defense was sharp. Ed Hardin (nice picture) says the Heels are over Georgetown now. I am relieved. Mike Cranston writes that Tyler was held in check. Six shots is just not enough for Psycho Smoove T and to me it seemed that we stopped looking for him. Perhaps Carolina was just trying to prove they could hit the outside shot but we don’t have to prove anything when Tyler is putting up 25 and 15. The scoreboard will do and I’d be happy to see the ball go inside first, be it a Lawson drive or an entry pass to Deon or Tyler. Anyways enough picking on a win over pretty decent opposition. I’m very pleased we did not lose to Dook Jr.

It doesn’t get much better than beating Dook to advance to the ACC tourney semifinals. I was watching the basketball game, but we’ll play Wake Forest on Friday evening. Probably need to win the tournament to get an NCAA bid.

It was ugly, but we did dominate the first period. Look….a cheesehead pothead. MOD, did you vote in this poll? Sad and true. We have to support these women!

GT preview laters.



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  1. I did vote in that poll — for Arod.
    I would have been interesting if they had made it someone like — Lowell or Jeter. That would be a decision.

  2. Rashad with 33 for the T-Wolves last night! Is this his break-out year?

  3. In other Tar Heels in the NBA news, I saw some of the Hawks vs. Bobcats last night (during halftime and commercials of the Heels game). Marvin Williams threw down a nasty dunk. And Jeff McInnis now looks like Predator.

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