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November 20, 2007 at 10:20 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | Leave a comment

It is South Carolina State tonight in the Dean Dome and I suppose this is part of the Las Vegas Invitational. Does anybody understand how the LVI works? I looked around for a website or competition format and came up with zeroogle. The first three ’rounds’ were already set up and so we’ll play Old Dominion regardless on Friday. Could be a midnight tip too so I may just have to head to the pub for that one. Carolina will attempt to display improvement tonight. Hopefully they’ve got a nice shiny improvement case or maybe even an improvement table. It is easier to see that way. Adam Lucas has a new mailbag and in it we learn that the real Carolina blue is pantone 278. OK then. THF has a tribute to Tyler’s dunk. I’ll admit it was impressive but really only because Tyler rarely does that kind of thing. Not sure dunking over an Iona guard is really all that hypetastic. The game tonight is the only one that will not be televised but it will be nice to listen to Woody. The Bulldogs (yes I had to look that up) are 0-3 and have lost to Old Dominion, South Carolina, and Jacksonville. In the Blue Ribbon preview, coach Jeff Carter says:

“I was attracted here because everyone I talked to said South Carolina State was ready and primed to make a move as far as commitment was concerned,”

I think it was the fountains though.

Butch Davis is  talking about adding on to Kenan. Maybe he should sign a contract extension and commit to being here when those additions are made. Carolina March says we should hold up and it is a reasonable point. Are we Bizarro Virginia? No doubt that a few breaks can make a huge difference in this conference. Still  we did get some luck against Miami, Maryland, Georgia Tech, and State and so really we could be 1-10. The only game I felt really unlucky about was South Carolina but even in that game we got three interceptions and a missed field goal. The league isn’t very good but neither are we. All will be fine if we beat the Blue Devils though.

 What is wrong with this headline? Is Jozy ready? Oh dear.

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