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November 26, 2007 at 10:45 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 3 Comments

These players have grown up dreaming of this day. 2007 Findlay Toyota Las Vegas Invitational Champions. I can hardly believe it. North Carolina won two pretty entertaining contests on both Saturday morning and Saturday night to take home the title. In case you didn’t watch even 30 seconds of the ESPN broadcast, Ty Lawson was hurt in the second minute. I could not find any updates on Tywon and if you read or hear something…take it to the comments. Obviously we’ll need Mr. Lawson back ASAP. I was really surprised with how well Old Dominion took care of the ball and made so many tough shots. Danny Green continued to impress and Wayne Ellington continued to knock down the big shots. BYU was also pretty impressive and it was nice to win a game played at a slower pace. The commitment to getting the ball inside in the second half really paid off. One thing that really is worrying me is our rebounding. Both Old Dominion and BYU out-rebounded the Heels and I’m not sure we can survive that on a day where the shots are not falling. Eddy Landreth has the myth, John Gasaway the reality. Or does he?

The strength of this defense last year was its ability to make opponents miss their twos. North Carolina was also exceptionally good on the defensive glass. These are precisely the strengths you’d expect to see from a team that starts three players 6’8″ or taller. They may not have looked terribly feisty. Maybe their fundamentals needed work. But they were tall. At the end of the day, that’s a good thing to be on defense.


The article is a must read and I do think last year’s team was unfairly seen as poor defensively. Obviously, Gasaway is discussing last year’s defense and wouldn’t jump to conclusions after such a small sample size about this team. Stat guys are funny that way. I on the other hand can be reckless and perhaps wrong when I say: we are not a good defensive team. If North Carolina doesn’t get better on the glass, this year’s team will be giving up more than a point per possession. Possibly, significantly more. We’re unlikely to be capable of replacing Wright and Terry’s solid work on the boards and so we’re either going to have to defend the three even better or create more turnovers. Something that hasn’t happened through five games. Danny Green and Marcus Ginyard seem to be our best rebounders, but that says as much about Tyler and Deon, doesn’t it? All of that half-empty talk aside, if we play as well on offense as we have so far…not many teams are going to beat us. Somebody had to write that headline. Luciana Chavez previews the ACC-Big 10 Challenge¬† Aquiesce.

The N&O has a gridiron recap. I’m sure you all heard about Butch’s raise and contract extension. I’m really glad Dook has no kicker and that we pulled it out on Saturday. It really might have been tough to take a coach blowing a 4th down call, losing to Dook, and getting a raise. In the end, UNC football gridiron finished right about where we expected them to. Considering the experience we will bring back, expectations will be higher next year. If we can pull another Marvin Austin, then things really will be looking up.

How many times will I look at the table this week? If only it wasn’t still November. Premiership highlights are here. 2010 World Cup draw was done yesterday. They really should combine CONCAAAAAAAAACCCCCAAAAAAAAAAAAAF and CONMEBOL. Seriously, how rad would that be? Perhaps they could drop all the con stuff and call It ‘Americas Qualifying’ too. Opie is really bringing class to State. Go Wake Forest and I’ll see you same time and same channel tomorrows.



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  1. Re: UNC Gridiron next year

    Expectations will be higher, but our schedule will mean modest gains over a four win season are to be expected. Figure we’ll add one cupcake to the schedule below.

    at Rutgers (Sept. 27), Connecticut (Oct. 4), Notre Dame (Oct. 11), at Maryland, NC State, Boston College, at Virginia, Ga. Tech, at Duke, at Miami, Virginia Tech

    Bobcats lost a heartbreaker to the Celtics the other night. Cheering for Raymond Felton is still fun.

  2. Fair enough point, but based only on how much our defense improved I figure we can win 6 and play in some meaningless exhibition in late December 2008.

    I didn’t see the Bobcats-Celtics….but Felton is having a very nice season. You were right (comment last week) about Mcpredator…he plays only slightly better than he looks too.

  3. Nutt is out. That makes me nervous.

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