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November 27, 2007 at 10:31 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | Leave a comment

Anyone who watched either the basketball game between Wake Forest and Iowa or the American football game (honestly you can’t call that gridiron because there was no grid) between Miami and Pittsburgh might want those hours back. Anyone who watched both needs a sport vacation. Holy f*ck, that was terrible. I felt like one of those people who watches Everyone Loves Raymond or a Wigan supporter or really anyone whom watches something truly terrible just because it is on. Why didn’t I have the strength to turn it off? And why will I do it again?

The news on Ty Lawson is null. He is questionable for Wednesday, but we all are questionable for Wednesday, really. S.L. Price has a nifty short on MJ. Not really much else going on. We travel to Columbus tomorrow and I’m sure they’ll be more about that game later today. The ACC is favored in 4 of 5 games tonight. Could the ACC clinch tonight?

Canes Country(no link because it keeps shutting my browser down) has some interesting thoughts on some trade possibilities. It would be lovely to have a puck moving defensemen. It would also be nice to have an unlimited amount of 12-year Glenfiddich. I can’t see it happening though and I can’t say that I’d drop Kaberle from the PP for Dennis yet.

Bill Conlin wants me killed by Hitler and he thought Jimmy Rollins was a good choice for MVP. Bill Conlin also did not vote for Nolan Ryan on his HOF ballot. Cash Cup action resumes tonight. Jozy to Real Madrid and Thierry to Real Salt Lake? Have a lovely day and maybe go see a band or a movie if the sport is bad tonight.

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