Karl Rove and Duke-Together at last

November 28, 2007 at 12:10 pm | Posted in Basketball, Jackie Manuel, Politics | 2 Comments



I was browsing the DBR message boards this morning and though it really is the cheapest shot a blogger can take…here are some class posts in a thread about whether or not Dook supporters should cheer for UNC tonight:

dukeENG2003 -If the Taliban fielded a basketball team, I’d root for them over UNC (sorta like the rooting for the Russians post, but modernized)

Cameron -I vote Hilary before I ever did such a thing. Then I’d have to stop breathing.

ugadevil -i hope Carolina plays their best game of the year…and that it’s not good enough. Kosta Koufos drops 50 on Hansbrough!

EarlJam -I hope Hansblahblah develops silver dollar-sized blisters on the balls of each foot, as well as on his genitalia. Then, I hope, after UNC loses, that he gets stressed out and develops numerous zits on his skin, especially in the area where the nose meets the cheekbone. That crevice. Zits are painful there, as are silver dollar-sized blisters on the genitalia (not that I know…but am assuming). Anyway, yeah, I hope those things happen.

ArnieMc -I’d pull for the al-Qaeda All Stars over the Eunuchs. (Eunuch is the proper way to pronounce UNC.)

SilkyJ -what a REDICKulous question. 9F

So….which one do you think is Stingy Jones?



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  1. To be fair, the “I’d cheer for over ” is pretty standard from all fanbases, though the acne, genitalia obcessed youth seems quintessentially dookian.

    Try checking out comments section on WRAL if you really want to be depressed.

  2. The “best person for the job” argument is always depressing.

    Dook does suck though.

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