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November 28, 2007 at 11:00 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 2 Comments

The Ohio State University tonight and if the game is even half as much fun as last year we are in for a treat. The biggest news surrounding the game is that Ty Lawson might not play. Robert Frasor is ready to fill in and Robbi Pickeral notes that last year’s game was the one when Tywon took over for Bobby. If Lawson is unavailable tonight it will take away a huge advantage the Heels figured to have against Ohio St. The Buckeyes have some great young talent but Lawson would likely make Jamar Butler’ s life pretty difficult on both ends and the pace would certainly be faster. The Ohio State looked really good against Syracuse and really bad against Texas A&M, but I imagine we will get their best shot tonight in Columbus. Once again, they have a dominant freshman center who looks like he’s 40. At 7′ 0″, it should be very interesting to see how he matches up with Tyler. They liked to play at a slower pace than they did in Chapel Hill last season and I’d imagine Thad will try and keep the possessions down tonight. Adam Lucas answers the mail and has a nifty chart that shows how impressive Carolina’s road schedule is. Seth Davis realizes that there is very little thought needed to write for CNNSI. All the favored teams won last night and if any ACC team wins tonight the conference will win the competition for the ninth straight season. I was trying to come up with match-ups that might give the Little 10 a shot. Indiana-Virginia Tech, Wake Forest-Michigan St., Ohio St-Miami, Wisconsin-Boston College, Illinois-Florida St, Purdue-Maryland perhaps? The bottom of the Big 10 is so terrible that it seems unlikely they could ever beat the ACC in this format with ESPN making the schedule. They are favored in 3 of 5 tonight though.

Sanford’s Soccer Net has cash cup recaps and previews. It was disappointing to see Arsenal’s unbeaten run come to an end. Not really a better time for it though. Since there have not been too many disappointments this season, I have to point out a few negatives. Emmanuel Eboue is a talented footballer but he’s also a complete tw*t. I’d prefer he leave early for the African Cup than give the ball away every other minute and then dive and roll around like he’d been shot whenever his touch is poor. I really like Phillip Senderos, but he’s just not ready to play for a side like Arsenal. He is a real liability and if he replaces Kolo in January it could be a long month. Looking at the standings a dream match up with Barca could be in the cards for the knock out round.

FJM is cracking me up regularly. Week 12 DVOA and playoff odds. Miami has a 72% chance of getting the #1 pick and an 99.9% chance of blowing it. Bama still sucks. Dook sucks.



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  1. I think BC’s gotta have a good chance to beat Wisconsin, since the Badgers had to already play the Dookies last night.

    What no links to CSTB’s posts featuring the 80’s Dodgers boogie’n down or noting that only some Gooners fans are pedophiles?

    You think Tyler will guard the 7-footer and not the two-headed Thompson/Stephenson monster?

  2. Just saw both the Mariano Duncan dance as well as the Arsenal post. Bill Madlock was better. Arsenal do have a lot of kids….um

    Not sure who will guard the Greek. He can shoot so it will be a tough matchup regardless. Early looks to Psycho might get him in foul trouble….

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