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November 30, 2007 at 9:34 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | Leave a comment

Happy Friday. Roy gets in his first dad-gum of the season. I have to say that I thought it was dag-gum. Perhaps there is and this was just more of a dad-gum moment. I just want to be clear….Quentin Thomas…if you are reading this blog….don’t listen to me…..listen to Roy. I can’t get my head around the first few paragraphs of the new Adam Lucas article.

COLUMBUS–Being a scorer isn’t all about putting the ball in the basket. That’s a requirement, of course, but being a scorer at the ACC level requires something else–a bit of attitude. It’s firing the ball and immediately backing down the court, secure in the knowledge that your shot couldn’t possibly do anything but drop through the net. It’s coming out of a timeout and wanting the ball. It’s realizing the other team knows you want to shoot…and still finding a way to score.

Maybe he meant being a scorer is actually all about putting the ball in the basket. I’m all for toughness, but I’m just not ready for that to be the key. The key will be scoring more points. Toughness or lack of toughness makes for an easy article though. Win = Tough, Loss = Need to get tougher. Barry Jacobs writes that you have to wait for Broward County to come in. Carolina March has some praise for the Big 10. Tomorrow we travel to Lexington and try to make it four in a row. The Wildcats are having a rough time so far and apparently a few necks are already ready to fire Gillispie. They are scoring OK, but are having trouble putting the ball in the basket. Who could have seen that coming. Oh right. John Gasaway.

But write this in stone: Gillispie’s Wildcats won’t shoot as well in 2008 as did Smith’s in 2007

Kentucky still has experience in the back court and talent in the front court. Clearly they’ll be up for this and will view the game as an opportunity to turn things around. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Wildcat defense. Ty will probably play. Both fan bases will have to endure Dick. Gasaway had some tough words for ESPN’s #1:

The announcing team working the game last night posed a constant and intractable obstacle between viewers and the game. Which, not to put too fine a point on it, is pretty much the precise opposite of what an announcing team is supposed to do. I literally found myself leaning in toward the TV and squinting at the screen, as if that would help me follow what Gerald Henderson was doing while the announcers went happily and blissfully AWOL, addressing such pressing matters as Ronde Barber, the new College Basketball Experience in Kansas City and, inevitably, Jimmy V. This announcing team has been tarred on occasion with the easy catch-all pejorative “ESPN,” but let us be clear. It’s not ESPN. Jay Bilas, Bill Raftery and Sean McDonough share a water cooler with these guys, yet they’re consistently outstanding. No, it’s simply that last night’s announcing team has apparently been given free reign by someone in the organizational chart to ignore the game whenever they want. Which, as it happens, is very often. That’s worse than annoying. It’s unprofessional in the most literal sense of the term. Anyone else in the world is free to talk about whatever they want to talk about. Last night’s announcing team, on the other hand, was paid specifically to talk about Wisconsin vs. Duke. They should have tried it from time to time.

Of the two obnoxious bald men I prefer di…I mean Vitale….but Billy at least does talk bitch about basketball.

Boston can suck it. It is not in the environment! Q is a genius. Seems harsh, even for Tony. GO HEELS!!!


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