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December 5, 2007 at 10:00 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 1 Comment

North Carolina 106 Penn 71. The Heels out-rebounded the Quakers 46-21. That is a little bit silly, no? Penn actually shot the ball pretty well but the game was over very early in the second half. In the post game press conference Roy talked about how tough our schedule is this season. I think it is clear that we tried to play a tough schedule, but Ohio St, Old Dominion, Kentucky, and Penn are all shadows of the teams they were last season. I’m not criticizing Roy or the Heels here but I do think we should all avoid getting carried away. We have not played a top 25 team other than BYU and our strength of schedule is ranked in the 80s. Our SOS is unlikely to improve much until January. All we can do is destroy the teams we do play and last night was another mission accomplished.

Kind of sad, really. NFL playoff odds. Who is Steven A. Smith? Can you really blame Bobby Stoops? If you watch a bowl game, you are part of the problem. Right now the sport exhibition has basically given us shite for the last ten years and people keep watching and even worse…traveling to the game. Those same people will complain and wonder why college gridiron does not have a playoff. I didn’t see Texas-USC a few years back. Sure, I missed a great game, but it was not a national title game to me and I won’t support a system where arrogant college presidents play supporters for fools. Come on Posse….fight the power.

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  1. You know, at least the ice skaters aren’t involved in the scoring system themselves.

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