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December 6, 2007 at 10:08 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | Leave a comment

A bit of good gridiron news this morning.  Womble was considering South Carolina but then he realized Steve Spurrier is an utter utter pr*ck. Good for him. This could be good news for Carolina. With exams taking place next week there is absolutely f*ck all to talk about. Perhaps I’ll make up some stories next week to pass the time. A brief look around the ACC also might be in order. Is Miami for real? Will Georgia Tech be that bad? Can Clemson actually finish in the top three of the conference. These are some of the questions I will answer incorrectly. Maybe. If you get bored….spend all day trying to understand this. The individual ratings are pretty awesome, no?

I’m excited about Andruw. Of course if we move Slappy to left where he might become the first LF ever to play 162 and go homerless…..and then trade Matt Kemp for an injury prone pitcher….well then I’m not excited about Andruw anymore. I realize I’m taking good news and anticipating bad things…but this is how it works when you’ve won one playoff game since 1988.

Arsenal were a bit lucky to come out of St. James park with a point. We are not a title contender without Cesc Fabregas. Hopefully he’s back for the weekend.

Good for Anthony Smith. No blog tomorrow. Laters.

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