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December 10, 2007 at 10:20 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 4 Comments

Good morning, Posse. Jamal Womble is another great running back name. We have the best named running backs in the country. Eddy Landreth has two articles worth reading. The first says Butch Davis is worth it. I’ve read Adam Smith and I agree. The second discusses Tyler’s pro potential and offers some advice for the Cameron Crazies douche-bags. On Pschyo T, Eddy says:

Here is the thing: Barring catastrophic injury, Hansbrough will be a long-time pro and make more money than the overwhelming majority of us can even fathom in our dreams. There is always room in the National Basketball Association for someone of his size and strength who can rebound and bang.

Now, who would dispute that Hansbrough can rebound and bang? 

 I’m sure Tyler will be drafted and it is likely he’ll have a decent career, but I would dispute that he is a good enough rebounder. He is ranked #24 in the offensive rebounding stats, which is decent if not spectacular. Searching for him in the top 100 of defensive rebounding percentage is useless though. He wasn’t ranked last season either, but many made the case that Brandan and Reyshawn were the cause. Some might say Deon and Alex are doing so this year, but I’m thinking the truth is that Tyler is not a great rebounder. He does lead the country in bang though. Anyways, we all want 4 years of Psycho and I think if he can get a ten foot jumper, he’ll be a useful pro.

Stephen Danley has questions about us. I have questions about why he compared Tyler to a farm animal. Answer….Stephen Danley is a ignorant tw@t. THF is not an ignorant  tw@t and he has thoughts on the season so far.

Fire Herb! Premiership lowlights. (please get well Cesc and um…hurry) Brown Mule would not have worked here. I’m really surprised this was not a Dolphin.


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  1. […] Hat Tip: Jackie Manuel’s Posse […]

  2. I had not seen the Danley blog post until you pointed it out. Wow, I did not know you could be in the Ivy League and be that big of a moron. The fact he completely ignored the existence of Danny Green was hilarious.

    I have answered him in kind over at THF.

    Hat tip to you sir.

  3. Knowshon Moreno: Best RB name in the country. Don’t forget it.

  4. From the state board:

    “What in the living f*ck happened out there tonight? Just got back from the company Christmas party, I’m about 4 rum & cokes deep…are you guys seriously telling me we lost to f*cking ECU in basketball????”

    State fans drinking run & coke, I don’t know. I just don’t know what to think anymore.

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