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December 11, 2007 at 9:32 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | Leave a comment

Wow. So, I’m looking for links this morning and guess what? F*ck all is happening. I couldn’t bring myself to link to a meaningless December poll and does anyone really want to read about the Dook football coaching search? North Carolina won’t play again until Sunday night at 8 and so things are likely to remain boring. Perhaps the boredom will drive me to do some crazy rate stat comparison between James Mays and James Gist or even try and figure out why Greg Paulus looks like a competent player this year. Probably not though.

Outside of Heels basketball there was a horrifying story that I came across yesterday. Now, the story just mentions that ESPN wants to buy UK rights and says nothing about US rights. You have to figure that the Worldwide F*ckups would end up with those too though. IF ESPN gets the Premiership package we will almost assuredly see less football. Much less football. Can you imagine them preempting Liverpool-United so Lee Corso can put on some dumb-ass headgear? A Who is more NOW featuring Craig Bellemy and Mark Viduka? Dave O’Brien instead of Martin Tyler? Stewie Scott doing the highlight show? The world might not survive this. Or at least I would not. I don’t watch Sportscenter anymore and other than live sport the channel is f8cking pathetic. Of course, they even manage to f*ck up live sport most of the time too.

I agree with Winston. Newest Wolverine? Which did you vote for? Until there is nothing to report tomorrow…laters.


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