December 14, 2007 at 11:51 am | Posted in Ademola Okulaja, Authors, Basketball, Ric | 5 Comments

The way it should have gone.  I’m ordering my t-shirt tomorrow.



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  1. Does this mean the Sox win the 1986 WS since all the Mets were coke addled out of their mind?

    I’m just saying…

  2. Does coke count as performance enhancing? If it does, Villanova’s gonna have to give up their 85 championship along with countless other title teams. Doc claims he didn’t do coke till after the World Series. He also claims Kevin Mitchell decapitated a cat. I’ve been clean since the infamous “Sudafed” game of 2003(?) against Chelsea.

  3. MOD…you telling me Oil Can Boyd was not high. I don;t mean after the game either.

    I’m mostly devastated about Nook Logan though. I though he was a legit scrapper. Turns out he was scrapping on the juices.

    ric…you are opening a huge can o worms with that comment…please delete before Vicki sees. For the record Chi has never knowingly engaged in anyything that would be considered ‘performance enhancing’..not even practice.

  4. What? Was the over-the-counter decongestant a banned substance according to Rainbow rules? And I did have a cold. But it did turn me into Mod for a game….and I’m not talking about my playing abillity or hustle. I don’t think we have any such rules, and would go so far to say that they’d probably be fine with Ricky Williams playing in “Rainbow”.

  5. Yeah. I was joking.

    Except about Oil Can Boyd and practice.

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