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December 17, 2007 at 10:19 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | Leave a comment

That was one fabulous weekend. I didn’t even get hammered either. Carolina did look a bit rusty last night, but Rutgers was never going to beat this team. Easily, the best part of the night was Tywon Lawson returning to form. Roy was hyping him in the pre-season, but the early ankle injury had really slowed him a bit. With Lawson at full speed, the Heels secondary break was in full effect and Carolina could score pretty much whenever and however they wanted. Not so much for J.R Inman, whom, in 36 minutes scored half as many as Tyler did in 31. Most of those were after Smoove T left the game with a concussion. Roy was mad at the officials but I blame Gerald Henderson. This weekend, Tyler made it clear that he would not leave Carolina without a title. How about two? I do hope Tyler is not still in college in 2012 though. Big news from the Des Moines Register! No not the endorsement of Hillary and Johnny, but a huge signing! Next up for the Heels….an actual home game!

Huge win for the Canes on Saturday. It was not pretty but after the last week we’ll take it. Everyone has been criticized, but we are still five points clear of Florida. Without Commadore this team is forced to play Tanabe, who is just not good enough. I think we will get a puck moving blue liner to replace Hamilton and we’ll be legit threat come playoff time. It is only December.

MIAMI WINS. I’ll admit to jumping up and down when Greg Camarillo caught Cleo Lemon’s spiral and began sprinting for the end zone. Sad sentence there, I realize fully, but expectations can mean everything. By the time this was going on, I appreciated the tears. Sad and funny…the 2008 Miami Dolphins.

Showdown Sunday or whatever was intense, if not beautiful. I thought it was absolutely fantastic though. I didn’t think Arsenal had a title run in them and I am pretty surprised they are top through 17 games. I still think United are better, but Manure only have five competent defenders and red nose prefers cash cups. If the winning point total is 80, we can do it. Maybe. Here are highlights from the weekend.

Cheap laughs are good with me. Maybe Cech should try this. Smoot Smack. See you tomorrow, Posse.

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