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December 18, 2007 at 10:04 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 3 Comments

Pyscho T will probably play on Wednesday. No word yet on the photographer’s knee. Adam Lucas has a new mailbag.  In it there is some brief discussion of the assist-turnover problem and Adam points out what is most likely behind it. I’d also add that Brandan Wright was pretty much unstoppable after getting the ball within 8 feet and we don’t really have that anymore. Luke Winn follows up on Danny Green’s tough situation and does a much better job than Sean McDonough did during the Rutgers broadcast. I’ve got little to add except that I love Danny Green.
Sunt? I do not want this. Sanford’s Soccer Net has League Cup previews. It was pretty fun on second watching too. Not much time for blogging today.



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  1. By the way, props to the Deacs for winning the NCAA championship in Men’s Soccer.

  2. What is this — Randolph Childress’s posse?
    Who cares about Wake?

  3. Pshaw.

    Randolph Childress does not have a posse.

    Rusty LaRue on the other hand……

    Wake played good football I guess but we took them to OT in the ACC tourney….

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