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December 20, 2007 at 11:08 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | Leave a comment

Maybe we should go back on the road. Carolina got the win and the game never really seemed in doubt. Roy was not pleased with the effort:

“Offensively, I’m really not that concerned cause I think we did some nice things offensively, the ball just didn’t go in the basket for us. Our defense, it was atrocious. It was bad, so hopefully during this time period with the extra practice time and the extra gym time, we can get a little bit better, a little bit more focused. Get a little more focused is the best way to put it.

Roy is right. With all due respect to the Colonels, that was not a good basketball team that put up 78 on us. That such a small team could get inside on us so easily is absurd. Layups and threes accounted for all but 5 of their baskets and many of those threes were on kick outs. Even worse, they outrebounded us on the defensive boards. Unbelievable, really. Nicholls State also had more guys play 20 minutes than we did. Maybe I’m making too much of this, but we won’t be cutting down nets if we don’t improve our perimeter defense. This season if penetration is allowed there is no Wright or Terry to clean up. You can’t play well every night but consider me concerned.

UC Santa Barbara is next on Saturday afternoon and they can play a bit, shooting 42% from behind the arc. I’m guessing they’ll have seen all of those open threes and obviously that is their best shot. Tar Heel fan is much calmer.

There is too much to link to at FJM. Just head over there and spend the next hour laughing.

Should I be happy about this?

I’m not sure if I’ll be blogging much between now and January 7. Just in case you don’t want to talk to family, here are some things to watch over the next week while you are not watching any bowls exhibitions.

12-20 Duke-Pittsburgh ESPN, Hurricanes-Panthers FSN, Steelers-Rams NFLN, Lakers-Cavs TNT

12-21 Celtics-Bulls ESPN Davidson-N.C. State FSN

12-22 Arsenal-Tottenh*m Setanta, Liverpool-Pompey FSC, Georgetown-Memphis ESPN, UC Santa Barbara-North Carolina FSN, Texas-Michigan St. ESPN, Hurricanes-Lightening FSC, Cowboys-Panthers NFLN

12-23 Manchester United-Everton FSC, Inter Milan-AC Milan FSC, Blackburn-Chelsea FSC, Barcelona-Real Madrid GolTV, 13 NFL Games Fox/CBS/NBC, Virginia Tech-Wake Forest FSN,

12-24 Very sad day….Chargers-Broncos ESPN

12-25 Heat-Cavaliers ABC, Suns-Lakers ABC

12-26 Tottenh*m-Fulham Setanta, Sunderland-Manchester United Setanta, Portsmouth-Arsenal FSC, Hurricanes-Rangers FSN,

12-27 Nevada-North Carolina ESPN2,




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