Too Soon?

December 21, 2007 at 9:58 am | Posted in Ed Geth, Gridiron | 5 Comments


On the bright side, maybe we could get a new star lineperson out of this.


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  1. This is just wierd.

  2. By the way, who posted that? I’m guessing Hep, not Dave. Be proud to know you came up with the same joke as With Leather. Talk about an offensive line.

  3. I can only hope I got to it first.

  4. I was checking the DBR boards to see what they thought about it, and there was one thread. Not many were making jokes, just your typical “I’m biting my tongue so hard it bleeds” kind of schlock that represents people who find humor but can’t articulate it. One person, however came out to admonish the jokesters with a line about how men CAN and DO get raped. I resisted the urge to register for DBR and post “yeah, Duke football players get raped just about every saturday” or “like the last three times Duke played UNC in basketball” but it just wasn’t worth getting banned.

  5. Might I also point out that if The Wire were real life, this is what Omar’s girls would really have looked like.

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