Stephenson Returns to Carolina….For Now

January 8, 2008 at 10:02 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 3 Comments

Good morning Posse. You don’t come here for hard news. You come for irresponsible speculation and crass second-grade humor. So, the title this morning should not give you the idea that I know anything. In fact, no title here should ever give you that impression. Alex is  back from California, may practice today, and could play tomorrow night against UNCA. That is great news and Alex could have a huge role to play this season, considering our need of rebounding and shot blocking. There were some rumors that he was considering a transfer to UCLA. Not hard to figure out how these start. A  Bruin blogger sees the news about Stephenson returning home for a family illness and then proposes he is considering a transfer. Some knucklehead reads it and then posts on a UNC message board and it spreads very very quickly. Some rumors are easier to dismiss than others, however. Alex is getting less than 14 minutes a game. He is behind Tyler and Deon, neither of whom are likely to leave and next season he will see even more competition arriving. UCLA was his second and I’m not sure anyone could blame him for considering the option, especially considering the family illness. None of the ‘Stephenson returns’ articles have any quotes from Alex and so I’m not willing to dismiss the unfounded rumor yet. Don’t get me wrong. I hope Alex stays, pushes Deon, and helps us win a title.

Adam Lucas has a new mailbag and the Asheville Citizen Times has an early look at the UNCA game. I’ll have more on that tomorrows. John and Ken enjoyed the Clemson game too.

Are the Dolphins really going to hire Tony Soprano? Check out the passion of State fan. Bob! Memphis to go undefeated? The machine is broken.



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  1. What really fanned the flames on the Stepheson rumors is the UCLA article about the Wear twins included a blurb at the bottom of it that said it was possible he was transferring and was considering UCLA, Cal, USC and Arizona State. The fact this appeared on an article posted on the UCLA Scout site gave it a little more credence than the message board chatter. I don’t think it is a concern this season because why on earth would you leave a team that is one of the four or five teams favored to win the title? It might be an issue after the season but I do not think so now.

  2. The reason to go now would be to get in a full year at UCLA so he could play next January. That is how I understand NCAA rules anyways. You need a law degree really. If he wants to win a title, he won’t be leaving Carolina for any other school. If he wants to get more minutes to impress NBA scouts and be closer to his family, UNC might not be best for him.

  3. […] UNC might have the only basketball program where he can’t start? I blogged a bit about this in January and it is very silly to question this decision. It does not matter why he decided that Carolina is […]

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