Lawson Leads Heels past Bulldogs, Sad Giant

January 10, 2008 at 10:13 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 2 Comments


The game was fun to watch. We had Tyler’s dunk, Green’s bombs, Lawson doing just about everything, another solid performance from Wayne Ellington, and UNCA played pretty good basketball too. Kenny George needs a hug though. I think, perhaps, that he doesn’t get many. How can you not love the guy, really? Ric was at the game and he offered this analysis:

Went to the Heels game tonight. Wasn’t pretty. Tyler had that awesome dunk. But Kenny G. hung his head right after that and he looked really sad. Then I realized he pretty much did that after every play. His head must be heavy.

Another guard torched our D though and you don’t have to look at the shot chart to know that we made things way too easy for UNCA. Perhaps we were just sharing love within the university system. The stats are beginning to back up the impressions. The question is: can we improve? I’m not sure that we’ll be a very good defensive team this season, but can we be decent? If so, I think this team is good enough to outscore anyone over 40 minutes. Right now the D isn’t decent though and we are only ranked in the top 50 because of who we’ve played.

Alex is back.

The Heels signed their second 10th grader. Good news I imagine, though you do have to wonder if recruiting this far in advance is good for the kids, the program, or the sport. At least you should wonder. I’m not, though. Grant Wahl writes about another recruiting strategy. Jeff Goodman doesn’t have a clue, but I’ll link it anyways. Depth is not a concern for this team, imo. Yes, if we have an injury or two that changes. QT, Graves, and Copeland are capable of giving guys a breather. That is really all you can ask from your 8th, 9th, and 10th player. Sometimes less is more…eh….or more is more. Get me? (me either)

Tar Heel Fan looks around the league and notices that perhaps Clemson is not so rad. Perhaps Charlotte did not give them 19 layups. State is up next for us and I’ll have more on that tomorrow.

The Bobbycats beat Boston? I’m taking Green Bay. True enough. Sp*r still can’t beat Arsenal.



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  1. I could be wrong, but it seemed as though Tyler played smarter last night than I’ve seen him play before. I love Kenny G.

  2. I think he did adjust pretty well. Thompson and Stephenson were terrible though. Green is going to be starting by February.

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