State Needs This One, Can They Get It?

January 11, 2008 at 10:48 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | Leave a comment

I’ll start with my best memory of last season. OK, so maybe it was beating Dook in Cameron, but that was right up there. I’ve seen the Wolfpack play several times this season and even though I was not expecting as much as some, they have been disappointing. Sidney just doesn’t have the team playing up to their potential and a trip to Chapel Hill could be the breaking point for a team that has, uh, chemistry problems. Of course, winning and chemistry go hand in hand. A team that wins has good chemistry and so this game could not be bigger for the Pack. I might take some flack for this, but the Pack have as many NBA prospects as we do. Gavin Grant might be a reach, but Costner and Hickson are both going to have decent pro careers. The team has talent and assuming they want this game as much as the fan base, we can expect a really tough game. The pace should be a key and I’m quite sure Roy will try to get Hickson in some foul trouble. N. C. State has really struggled on offense this season, but unnoticed is a much improved defense. It should be interesting to see the two team’s weaknesses on one end and their strengths on the other. J.P Giglio has a podcast preview. 850 the Buzz has the spirit. Costner is ready to run like heck.

Carolina March is right about the hype. Let us win a conference game by more than two points first, no? I think coaches are just trying to compete with Roy’s ties.

Georgia Tech should get this guy. Mike Tanier has a game plan for the Patriots. Canes are not feeling well. Premiership previews are here. Go HEELS!

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