Heels Extirpate Pack, Strickland Signs!

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I really thought the game would be close. It wasn’t. I’ll be keeping the game on my DVR for a few weeks at least, just so I can hear the Dean Dome’s sympathetic Bronx cheer after the Wolfpack finally broke a 25-0 run with a field goal. We knew they would struggle to control Tywon but perhaps Costner, Grant, and Hickson are just not as good as I thought. As soon as Carolina took the lead by more than a bucket, you could see the Pack’s morale disappear. I’m not sure what can be done but that is not a good basketball team. Roy still found a few things not to like, but to see Carolina work so hard on D, especially inside was extremely comforting. For the first time this season, I feel very good about this team’s chances in March. Maybe I was too cynical before and maybe that State team is just that bad. To see Deon, Alex, Deon, Marcus, Danny, and even Wayne come over to help defend the interior was fantastic. May it continue!


State Fans Nation wanted Lowe and now they have more passion and more losses. In two years the program has dropped from making regular NCAA tourney appearances to the laughing stock of the league. I could not be happier about Arizona State’s rise coinciding with State’s embarrassment. The future of the program seems to be in real jeopardy and the reality check should be fun to read over the next few months. ACC Now has a podcast recap. David Glenn posts some of the worldwide leader’s commentary. Roy really likes beating State.

Dexter Strickland commits! Signing the best point guard in the class of 2009 might complete Roy’s work for the next year or two. The signing of Strickland puts Roy in a tough (heh) position of having to anticipate who will leave as all scholarships through 2009-10 are now accounted for. Another signing would indicate that at least one of the sophomores is leaving Chapel Hill early. hen again, maybe there is more to come. In case you were having trouble keeping up with all the signings here is a brief look

Class of 2008-Ed Davis, Tyler Zeller, Lary Drew Jr.

Class of 2009- Dexter Strickland, John Henson, David Wear, Travis Wear

Class of 2010- Reggie Bullock, Kendall Marshall

Bruce Feldman has good gridiron news too! Awesome playoff games this weekend. Justified or not? Awwwwwwwwww. Ned loves overachievers. Premiers lowlights.

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