Heels Worth $26 Million, Wayne’s Nickname Is?

January 15, 2008 at 10:15 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 3 Comments

Morning all. Forbes has ranked the value of basketball programs and it isn’t surprising to see North Carolina ranked #1. 26 million seems pretty low to me but Forbes does not really explain how in the f*ck they get that number. Jackie Manuel’s Posse has also ranked the value of basketball programs and determined that North Carolina basketball is worth more than the entire state of South Carolina.

Kevin Armstong goes ‘Inside High School’ and gives us very little new information on Dexter Strickland.   Arash Markazi does a bit better when he goes ‘On the Scene’  with Larry Drew Jr.  Carolina March blogs that the UVA-Dook game was a tad misleading.

Adam Lucas has a new mailbag and we learn that Carolina counts offensive rebounds as a new possession. Not really explained and I don’t understand why, but Dean Smith is the gospel, no? Further down in the bag is a suggestion to call Wayne Ellington ‘Sweet E’. This sounds like a bad My Space or AIM screen-name and I also fear that someone will add ‘pie’ to the proposed nickname. Can the Posse do better? I say yes. Please provide some suggestions in the comments and I’ll attempt to post a poll.  First one to post Dook Ellington is banned for three months. Mine is ‘Beef Ellington’.

EJ  to Fulham?  How did the Chargers beat the Colts? David Hirshey prasies a f*ckwad. Punt, Pass, and Kick. Headline o the day. Duke sucks.


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  1. Not a nickname perse, but It’s Wayning Threes.

  2. Bass

  3. Like the fish or what Daddy sang?

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