Tyler Leads Heels to Win in Atlanta

January 17, 2008 at 9:47 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | Leave a comment


“Yes – my face really got beat up tonight. There was a lot of scrappy little plays where I got hit and bumped, and it was really, really rough.”

Carolina won another close road game last night and the ‘clutch/lucky’ debate continues. Somewhere. The picture above might be one of the 3-4 times in the game where the defense actually rotated over to help.  On October 28th I wrote:

We don’t know how much we’ll miss Brandan and Reyshawn, especially defensively, and it will be much harder to enjoy this team if we take our cues from the media and become obsessed with the end game right now. We’ll be there in March and we’ll worry about March in March.

One game at a time, then. We won a tough road game without playing our best and that is exciting. Or at least it should have been. With Grant Wahl following up Pomeroy’s pessimism about this team, I feel the need to counter the counter-intuitiveness. Um. Yes. Exactly. Tar Heel Fan points out the silver lining of the last few Yellow Jacket possessions. Carolina March notes the team had poise.  ACC talent index?

Havant & Waterloo are going to Vegas! Well worth it. Magpie supporters are head over heels in love with Keegan. F*ck Anna Grant. Look skyward. Whack Cleo! The ref’s fault?


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