Bienvinedo A Miami

January 23, 2008 at 10:12 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 3 Comments

A trip to Coral Gables might be just the ticket for this basketball team. With all of the negativity and aura repairing the team gets to focus on a tough basketball game. Maybe the team just needs to improve the want to? I really want them to win tonight, so hopefully that will be enough. Wayne Ellington will have his family with him and the Hurricane crowd is ready for us. Miami got off to an amazing 12-0 start before losing to Winthrop, Boston College, and N.C. State. Their defense is getting a lot of attention, but is actually worse than ours. Probably due to the weak opposition they’ve been facing. Haith is playing 10 guys over 15 minutes a game and so they should be able stay fresh, especially if they get the slower paced game they want. I’m guessing we win by 15 or more.

Tar Heel fan noticed that the zone is not likely to become a regular option for us. Upping the pressure seems most likely.

I ordered this for a friend of mine. We lost the biggest game of the year. Badly.


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  1. “Big Man and Little Man arrive minutes later after a random has taken up Omar’s spot to my left, where my neighbour has neglected to take up the option of his cup game seat. We try to talk, myself, Big/Little and the Lads but already the fans are in song.

    A few minutes later, I find myself in Horseface’s lap when the tide of the crowd finally abates.”

    Is the Bagel a new character on The Wire this season? Or does David Simon just get the character’s names from Spurs blogs? Either way, yesterday was a joy.

  2. I can’t believe the Pats are favorites.
    The Jints have all the momentum and Brady is hurt.
    The Patriots will be lucky if they don’t get 50 scored on them. Their backers are old and slow and their corners can’t cover anyone. Look at how the backup Chargers RB ran roughshod over them. What’s B.Jake going to do to them. I’m scared. Scared and worried. The Mannings have the Patriot’s number let’s face it.

  3. mod you are a freak.

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