North Carolina Get Third League Road Win

January 24, 2008 at 10:05 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 2 Comments


The Heels had a pretty comfortable second half which was nice for all of us. Tyler and Tywon were just too much for the Hurricanes and the win moves us to 4-1 in the ACC.  What kind of show would Lawson and Hansbrough have? Could be a hit. We won the game at the line and by destroying them on the offensive glass. The D was very average and we did play a 1-3-1 for a possession or two. It did seem like the pressure defense was turned up a bit and we got 8 steals while forcing accepting 17 turnovers. Carolina now has an 8 day break before hosting Boston College next Thursday. It will be the last weekend without a game until April (hopefully). The Tar Heels are currently on pace to get that #1 seed that would allow us to play the first four games of the NCAA tournament in North Carolina. Obviously, Dook is right there with us. They are probably our main competition for that spot, so the games could be even more intense this season. If that is even possible.

Dan Wentzel hypes Tywon’s NBA potential. I was a tad skeptical about his size, but honestly he looks to have legitimate starting potential in the pro game. Jeff Goodman writes that the computer has east coast bias. Jeff Goodman is a douche bag. Victory a burden?

Dick Stomped? New York v. Boston. Football Outsiders looks at the small battles?

No blog tomorrows as I’ll be in the lesser Carolina.


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  1. Good luck in SC.

  2. Barack and roll!

    I hate myself for that.

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