Making t-shirts to save the world.

January 29, 2008 at 1:36 pm | Posted in Basketball, Politics, Ric | 4 Comments
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This seems pretty lame to me.

To symbolize Duke’s commitment to sustainable environmental practices, recycling and water conservation, the Cameron Crazies – Duke’s enthusiastic student fans – will wear green shirts emblazoned with the slogan, “BLEED BLUE, LIVE GREEN,” the university announced.  

I’m all for conservation.  But do you really need to make a bunch of t-shirts to be worn once and then discarded, winding up at Thriftworld most likely.   North Carolina’s state motto is “To be, rather than to seem.”  This is the opposite of that.  Does Coach K even believe in global warming? Is he still glad Bush won* the 2000 election

*If by winning, you mean losing the popular vote and winning the electoral college after the Supreme Court ruled to stop the recount.


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  1. so… where can we get the shirts the carolina fans were wearing?

  2. I’d guess the PTA thriftshop in Carrboro. Yeah, it was equally lame. Is the whole ACC doing this? It doesn’t change the fact that coach k is evil.

    Hey guys, there’s a girl reading the blog! Or a dude named Ashley.

  3. She better not be Ashley Cole.

    Ironic wastefulness aside, it seems like a very decent thing.

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