Bob Orr A Scalper?, Frank Deford Really Has Lost It

January 30, 2008 at 10:03 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 1 Comment
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Is this legal? Orr, a UNC alum, is running for Governor. Orr does have to get a slight bit of credit for being the only GOP to participate in the NAACP debate, but can he really be raffling tickets to a state university home game. Is there not some limit on the ticket price or rule about charging people to enter a sweepstakes? Anyone know a lawyer?

Eddy Landreth writes that Carolina is ready for the run in. Will Tyrese get a rest on Thursday? I’ll have more BC links tomorrow. Robbi Pickeral talks with Greg Little.

John Gasaway checks in on the big six conferences. The ACC stats:

Pace    PPP     PPP      EM
1.  Duke             75.1    1.13    0.93   +0.20
2.  North Carolina   75.3    1.15    1.03   +0.12
3.  BC               71.3    1.12    1.05   +0.07
4.  Clemson          69.2    1.08    1.05   +0.03
5.  Georgia Tech     72.2    1.05    1.02   +0.03
6.  Maryland         74.6    1.02    1.03   -0.01
7.  Miami            71.0    1.04    1.08   -0.04
8.  Virginia Tech    74.9    0.93    0.97   -0.04
9.  Virginia         70.2    1.00    1.04   -0.04
10. Wake Forest      72.8    0.97    1.06   -0.09
11. Florida St.      66.2    0.96    1.07   -0.11
12. NC State         68.2    0.96    1.13   -0.17

Gasaway goes on to write that he thinks Duke is the favorite next week in the Dean Dome. Anyone else feeling nervous? 10 years ago things were the same?

Is that all it took? I don’t believe in karma…but this is nice for those who do. There is pointless speculation and whining douche bagginess all over this Al Featherston piece. Payback!

I love NPR’s Morning Edition, but holy f8cking shite, this was lame. That this came right after Tom Goldman called Tom Brady “impossibly handsome” was enough to completely ruin my morning.


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  1. JOHAN!!!!!!

    “The dream is to win a national championship in football and a national championship in basketball,” Little said. “… It can be done.”
    Greg Little dreams big. I like it.

    Yeah, the Deford Repertory Company was awful.

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