BC Game Is Vital. Kind Of. Not Really.

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Eddy Landreth writes that the East #1 is at stake and the test begins on Saturday. Roy Williams does not seem too concerned:

“I’ve never seen a damn building help me win a game yet. But how you play, that’s got a lot to do with it.”

To be fair, the Smith Center is not damned. Lawson and Thompson are ‘questionable‘ for Saturday. ACC Now has a podcast posted and Caulton agrees with J.P. and says that Carolina are better in the half court with Quentin. I don’t get it but apparently several others agree with that assessment. Caulton is looking really good. Carolina March thinks it is silly too. Hopefully Boston College won’t test us too much. They’ve lost three in a row and had a season low eFG% of 34.5 in their last game.

Barry Jacobs has all kinds of ACC gossip. Canes streak is over. Does Juan Pierre even weigh 30 pounds? Premiership previews. Not really funny, but what the f*ck. I got this from CSTB…Kyle is actually hugging a pillow while being called a sex symbol by ‘some people’. Then he gets PB&J. The man has some ups.


Carolina Is Not Better Without Ty Lawson

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Is this even a legitimate question? J.P. Giglio has mixed in some strange stuff with mostly great blogging over at ACC Now, but this is completely inane:

When UNC needed a basket to save its 2007 season, it was Lawson with the ball, kicking to Wayne Ellington in the final seconds of regulation against Georgetown in the regional final of the NCAA Tournament.

If the Heels get into the same situation this March, where do you think the ball would go? There’s no doubt Thomas would pass to Hansbrough.

What would Lawson, who could return as soon as Saturday’s game with Boston College, do?

Probably drive to the basket and score. We’ve scored less points per possession without Tywon and we’ve turned it over a lot more often. Q has been terrific. We needed above average play from him and he has delivered. Still, we’ve struggled to win games in Charlottesville and Tallahassee and we were really lucky to avoid losing to Clemson for the first time ever in Chapel Hill. The last three games have been nice, but let us not get too carried away by a win against the pathetic Pack and home wins against the Hokies and Demon Deacons. Dook really took advantage of Lawson’s absence and anyone who seriously argues that we are better without Tywon Lawson’s ability to increase our pace and make our offense more efficient needs to check themselves. Not looking too promising for Saturday right now.

Jack Daly talks to Roy about a few things. More Tyler propaganda. David Glenn notes that the bubble costs? Grant Wahl has an interesting article about player abuse this season. I think there is a clear difference between an organized group doing something offensive (like Oregon) and a few lunatics acting like douche bags. Every fan base has morons and there is little that be done about those people. The coaches and athletic director have to make sure that the environment is safe and any organized supporters should know better. As for homophobia in sport….I think college athletics could play a huge role in helping improve things. It would be a recruiting risk for someone like Roy to campaign against homophobia but a worthy one. Maybe Dean Smith will step up.

How will Coach K report this injury? Pomeroy with an article I don’t understand, yet. The fans are at fault. Never too early for bad news.

Today marks the one year anniversary of Jackie Manuel’s Posse (blog). I’d like the thank this blog for saving my marriage (outlet for b*tching/obsessing about sport) and also for giving me something to do while at work. Cheers to my five readers/posters as well.

This Isn’t The BCS

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Good Morning Posse. Several stories about the race for the #1 seed this morning. Joe Lunardi says there are 7 teams competing for the seeds:

North Carolina (ESPN/USA Today Poll No. 2, InsideRPI No. 3, S-Curve No. 3, ASM 20.63). The Tar Heels have overcome injuries and a home loss to Duke to resurface as a No. 1 seed. They also control their own destiny in the ACC, with a regular season and tournament title possible if Carolina wins out. I’m not betting against it, assuming Ty Lawson returns in time for the March 8 rematch with Duke at Cameron.

Chances for No. 1 overall: 10 percent
Chances for a No. 1 seed: 55 percent

I’m not sure he used actual math to get those percentages, but it seems like we have more than a 10 % chance at #1 overall. The importance in getting the #1 overall seed is real, if not crucial. Many feel these 7 teams are clearly better than the rest, and one team will not have one of the others in their way (regionally speaking). Adding importance for Carolina is the opportunity to play all of their regional games in Raleigh and Charlotte. Getting that seed was clearly a goal for us and it is within our grasp. I’m just refusing to get too wound up about it. Louisville might be as good as anybody and the coaches are not going to decide that we play UCLA in the Cotton Bowl. We’ll be a high seed and and we’ll have our shot. #1 overall seed or not. The time is actually later. Jack Day talks to Alex.

Joe Sheehan is just asking for UT e-mails. John Gasaway checks in with new tempo-free stats. Mark Simpson-Vos notes that the Heels are not fat and happy. Has this team gotten better? Hard to argue that we have not, really. May it continue. Roy mentions that Carolina will try to get Bobby another year of eligibility.

“Bobby is not eligible and yet at the same time, we’ll go through the process of appealing it. He’s played two more games than would make him not only eligible, but almost guarantee him getting him an extra year. He played two more games this year, and we’re going to try to build his case and put as much legalese as we can out there.”

Tar Heel Fan has an excellent break down of Hansbrough v. Beasley. How can we not back Tyler here?

Hurricanes are playing well again! Classy Scousers. Not news, really.

Hustle And Cream

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Some news before we get to today’s huge story. Yes, Ty Lawson might return on Saturday. Adam Lucas has a new mailbag that ranks the best comebacks of all time. Tyler is close to 2000 points. The future is looking very bright. Barry Jacobs has no sense of humor. Who doesn’t find watching a huge kid from Poplar Bluff, who does not blink or close his mouth, awkwardly destroying opponents, entertaining?

Now….Rashad McCants unleashes: Young, Black, and Gifted. Go ahead and block your outlook calender this afternoon because this site is absolutely loaded . Some highlights:

Love Thief

I’m not a Grinch that stole love but I’m a thief with no love.
Eyes bright like city lights when she enters my life.
Every morning after yawning we make love to sweet nothing and birds chirping.
My tongue lurking for that spot that says stop and makes ya mouth drop.
I’d spit you out just to taste you again.
And again I’d have this dream during the day where my eyes lay wide shut.
Love has culture shocked my brain and blindsided my heart,
my skin crawls with butterfly touches that tickle my smile.
Her eyes drown me in her deep blue sea. I openly swim naked in her fresh water.
So natural she smells like rain….

YBG:Young, Black and Gifted

YBG is my self expression to show my struggle from where I come from to where I am now! It is about the progress of young men and women who want success and always look to beat the odds! Young black and gifted is what I am through my own eyes. As for you, YBG can be what ever you make it.

Just remember the motto: Swagger is everything!!!!

He comes from Asheville. Rashad has really set the bar high for other NBAers. Carolina March calls out the rat. Easy targets. Proud to be a VORPy. Ron Burgundy interviews Roy Williams.

Carolina Posts Third Straight Impressive Performance

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I’m beginning to feel confident about this team’s chances again. The Tar Heels took it to Wake Forest and moved one half game ahead of Dook in the ACC. We were able to get transition baskets and also got Wake into some significant foul trouble. A nod to the defense is deserved as well. The Demon Deacons were not able to drive like they did in Winston Salem last Sunday and when they did get into the lane, help arrived. After watching us struggle to beat FSU and losing to Dook, I really did not think the basketball team could survive 5 games without Tywon Lawson. The first two were a bit sketchy, but three straight decisive wins have made me wonder if the defense has turned a corner? The tempo free stats are showing that we have improved. Pyscho T has also really stepped up since Lawson’s absence, averaging 28 points, 12 rebounds, and 2 steals per game. He’s also got a ridiculous FG% of 61% (eFG 60%). His performances have made him the favorite for player of the year honors. He deserves it in my completely biased opinion. The 26 and 2 Heels have a week off before traveling to Boston on Saturday. Hopefully Tywon and Deon can get healthy for March. Tar Heel Fan didn’t like the turnovers. Andrew Jones notices the efficiency.

I’m not the only one mailing it in. Roy was looking sharp. Hurricanes get big win in a very physical game. Sign of the Apocalypse? Lucky Qatar. Premiership lowlights.

Mailing This One In

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Greg Barnes writes a fine tribute to Q-tip. More than anyone ever wanted to know about Carolina’s Blues Brothers. Andrew Jones mentions that Tyler is making ‘one heck of a case‘.

Mad Dog has some nice curtains. Scheyerface! Premiership previews. Hurricanes with a big win! Will we do it again?

I strongly considered doing some statistical analysis on the player of the year candidates and also previewing Wake Forest. A lie in was more appealing though.

Carolina Back In First!

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The title might be a slight stretch as Dook does hold the tiebreaker right now. Losing in Cameron is pretty much unthinkable though, so no worries. The Heels control their destiny! Can anyone actually control their destiny…isn’t that predetermined or something? Carolina had little problem with the Pack in the last twenty minutes. The first half was played at State’s pace and they were very much in the game. The second was much faster and really the Pack just seemed to quit, as we scored 50. Tyler absolutely destroyed J.J and McHick. Paul Giamatti Bob Sutton notes that the RBC Center suits the Heels. Caulton doesn’t understand the difference between individual and team. Andrew Jones is not doubting Thomas. Chris Clark shows us how bad it was. Tar Heel Fan has a recap. Can I get a caption? John…this is not funny. Carolina March writes that we might be getting through.

Maybe Rat should listen to Roy and worry about his own team! Close does not cut it in cash cup. Favorite line from SFN blogging of the game:

8:51 – Simon should punch Hansblow in the nuts.

Pure Class.

People keep interrupting me here as I try to blog, so I’m going to have to actually work now. Maybe more blogs later.

Jay Bilas Quote of the Game

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 “Looks like he gave a bit of a walk there, but he was dribbling so they didn’t call it”

 Yes, Jay, if it hadn’t been for that whole bouncing the ball thing, he totally would have been called for the travel.  Top notch commentating.

Big Story Before State Game: Dook

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A bit telling that we play North Carolina State tonight and ESPN has a ‘front page’ story about Rat and Roy’s fightin’ words. I linked this yesterday and it really isn’t worth yawning about. For the Wolfpack and their fans, this game is as big is it gets. For the rest of the country it is just another game. Roy may not feel that way and Eddy Landreth thinks there is more hate in the State game. Not any more….and probably never again. Still, I don’t expect an easy time tonight. Even though State lacks a PG and has lost three in a row, they could present some problems for us in a slower game. The valet has them pumped:

“We’ve had too many games in between to worry about what happened over there,” Lowe said. “It’s our next ballgame and that’s obviously something they should think about. But no, it’s not something they’ve been looking forward to (doing).

“We don’t have a team that we can afford to do that. If we did that, that means we’d be looking ahead and we don’t have a team that we can look ahead.”

You wouldn’t want to be looking ahead, now, would you? I’m just really happy that State Fan Nation got their man. NCAA tourney appearances are so boring (see #10 seed in South). It seems more and more likely that Sidney wasn’t ready for this. Tar Heel Fan has a preview posted. State really isn’t doing anything well right now but not having Lawson might slow the game just enough to give them a shot. We are favored by 8. ACC Now wonders if Tywon coming back will actually help us? Comparing Quentin and Tywon is unfair, because Lawson is absolutely amazing. Getting him back healthy is huge. Robbi Pickeral notes that Tyler has soft touch. A little more info than we needed if you ask me. Question for the Posse: Which is softer…Tyler Hansbrough’s touch or Sean May’s hands? Carolina March notices some banner envy.
Cash Cup previews and recaps. This does not make me feel very confidant. Go Heels!

Help Pack Football Player Start his New Career?

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Is his new career furniture salesman?

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