Vegas is Smart, Roy Too

February 1, 2008 at 9:13 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 3 Comments

Not much time for blogging this morning. Carolina destroyed Boston College last night and Ty Lawson was unbelievably good. Deon also played very well and Carolina out-rebounded BC 41-24. When the Eagles took a shot and missed, we cleaned up. They only got three second chances while 30 of their misses were claimed by the Heels. This is obviously very encouraging. Maybe we can’t play defense like Jackie Manuel did, but we can box out and limit the opposition to one shot. Or at least, we could last night! Another encouraging sign was Tyrese Rice’s inability to get to the basket. FSU is next and they’ll tip at 2 pm on Sunday on FSN.

Canes were a bit lucky. Baseball Prospectus has their top 100 prospect list if you are into that kind of thing. Mike Seate! Biggest upset of all time?



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  1. Remember, a good blogger always has ice for Jimmy Dykes’s thighs. Do you have ice?

  2. How could I forget that. Stacy Dawes, please pass the icy hot.

  3. Hey good call on Deon Thompson. If he gives us that productivity on Wednesday we’ll be alright. I sure hope we can guard the perimeter though.

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