Heels Win, Greg Paulus Might Not Be Humiliated On Wednesday

February 4, 2008 at 9:55 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 3 Comments
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That is not a pretty picture, Posse. The rivalry with Dook is just so big these days that the FSU game had an awkward feel even before Ty Lawson went down. A ‘just get through this’ kind of feel. FSN couldn’t even tip before giving Wednesday’s game some hype and they don’t have any rights to the game. We did get through it, but Lawson didn’t and now he seems likely to miss the biggest game ever in the history of sport. Or, he’ll just miss an ACC regular season game. I guess the truth is somewhere in between but regardless, this blows. I can just hear Billy Packer talking about how the Heels are turning it over more and can’t get the easy transition baskets, driving the point into the ground, until my head explodes. I really need a ticket, just to avoid that so if anyone wants to save my life, please take it to the comments. Maybe Lawson will play, but if so, will he be the Ty Lawson that will humiliate Paulus? Even if he could go, is it really worth risking a more serious ankle injury in February? I have no answers. So there was a game yesterday and Carolina got another league win on the road. Tar Heel Mania has a recap of the game in pictures. Was the offense inefficient? Not really, in my opinion, just slower. The Seminoles made it tough on us but I liked the way we attacked them in the half court. Q doesn’t get the primary break going like Tywon, but who does? I thought Thomas was really good at running the secondary break and 6 assists to only 2 turnovers is not bad at all. Yes, the last two minutes were anxious ones but Thomas is a competent ACC point guard. If you can put aside comparing him to Lawson, Q-Tip looks much much better. I thought it was even more important that we had another very strong defensive performance. The Noles were taking most of their shots from outside and if that was an actual strategy of theirs then they have not watched any tape on the Heels. Even better….when they missed…..and they missed a lot…..we got the boards. That is three games in a row with solid work in that area and if that continues we’ll be moving up the defensive efficiency rankings everyone I was worked up about a few weeks back. Tywon will surely be OK eventually and knowing that we can win games at a slower pace is a very good sign.

Doug Gottlieb is a douche bag. Stay away if you can. Sad Scousers. I feel you Merc! Could the Pats lose two Super Bowls in one weekend? Premiership highlights!

How was your weekend, Posse? Anyone think we can beat Dook without Lawson?



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  1. Coach Smith always said you could survive not having a key player for one game, but after that it started to show. So hopefully, this will be that one game and Tyler and Wayne put us on their backs. I thought Q played well. Go Heels!

  2. Pictures AND monosyllabic exclamations. The monosyllabic exclamations are important… 😉

  3. I’m just gonna have to cheer harder.

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