35 Anxious Hours Left, Other Teams In The ACC?

February 5, 2008 at 10:00 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 1 Comment
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Ugh. Oh. Plarf. These are my feelings and it is not even game day. First the word of Roy on Tywon:

“I don’t feel real good about him playing and we’ll just have to wait and see. We won’t have any more definitive answer tomorrow at this time. We’ll have a little more definitive answer after practice tomorrow when we see if he can do anything.”

Double Plarf. Dan Mason writes that the Heels need this game. He writes:

Heels supporters are well aware that without a healthy Lawson, their chances to win an ACC title yet alone win an NCAA championship are questionable at best.


The ability to once again overcome another Lawson ankle injury will factor a long ways to who not only wins this game but will factor very largely in how far the Heels will be able to go come March. The one solution point guard is not a recipe for how far the Heels can go. Ask any other team in the ACC with 1 stud point and see where that’s gotten them. I’ll give you two of the best and see where that’s gotten them. Tyrese Rice of Boston College and Sean Singletary of Virginia. Combined ACC record? 4-10.

He makes a good point. Or. Um. He makes no point at all. Quentin is ready for this. Q-Tip says:

“I’ve been through … a lot of ups, and a lot of downs. A lot of injuries, a whole bunch of stuff. … I always tell myself: ‘Be ready. No matter what happens, be ready.’

Indeed. QT has been through a lot and at some point in the game he’ll turn it over tomorrow night. Hopefully the crowd won’t groan because every point guard turns the ball over against Dook. We must stick by Q. He can do this. I think. Maybe.

I really hope the Smith Center is classy tomorrow with Gerald Henderson. I recognize that is unlikely, but let’s hate all Dookies equally OK? Personally, I find Henderson to be the least douchy of the Dookies, unintentional elbow/complete mauling of Tyler aside. Take out your aggression on the guy getting paid.

And you thought every aspect of the rivalry had been covered. What in Dave Popson’s name does ‘up there’ mean? A recruiting battle at stake too? Only three moments of conflict? I can count and it IS only one game. ‘Could’ have implications? Adam Lucas has a new mailbag.

Ken Pomeroy writes that there are other teams in the league. Congrats to the New York Giants! Diving for GOD? I really need one of these.


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  1. Thanks for the link love guys. Love the blog… even tho I’m a UK fan. 😉

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