How We Can Beat Dook Without Ty Lawson

February 6, 2008 at 10:27 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 1 Comment
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Good morning, Posse! I’ll get right to the links this morning as there are plenty. Roy has no idea whether or not Tywon will play. Caulton Tudor writes that Ty will play only in an emergency. I assume he does not mean a literal emergency or maybe being behind by 10 to Dook is considered an emergency? Then, Tudor gets all analytical:

“At 21-1 overall and 6-1 in the conference, Carolina has won with its usual consistency. But that imposing record makes it easy to lose track of the fact that the Heels have an unbalanced offensive equation. For long stretches of most games, starters Marcus Ginyard and Deon Thompson don’t score enough to become major defensive concerns for opponents.

Um, actually our offense is effin rad, Caulton. See those 4 players with offensive ratings above 115 and the 6 with ratings above 100? Maybe he meant unbalanced in weight or something. Caulton continues:

“Most basketball coaches are masters of percentage thinking. If they see the slightest chance to use 5-on-4 or 5-on-3 defensive strategies, they’ll go that route until an opponent forces them to try something else.”

Holy F*ck. We are in trouble. Apparently the rat has some strategies that will force us to play with less men tonight. I mean I know the rat is evil….but homicide? Finally we get the classic Caulton finish:

“But there are miles yet to ride for Carolina, and Williams won’t risk a season over one game unless he’s sure there’s no risk involved.”

Oh. Honestly I prefer Dookie V to William Packer. Though tonight….and I’ll surely regret saying this…I might prefer Packer. He’ll talk about the game. Some. As for Lawson, I don’t think he should play. Jessie H . Nunery says Dook will win tonight. He offers irrefutable evidence:

“These Blue Devils, despite their youth, know how to win. Their thirst for victory begins with senior forward DeMarcus Nelson, whose play has been consistently praised by Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski. The Blue Devils have the recipe to knock off the Tar Heels with freshman Kyle Singler’s brilliance on the wing and guards Jon Scheyer and Greg Paulus’ ability to knock down shots.”

We really need to out thirsty Dook tonight and somebody has to get that recipe for knocking off. If you are still obsessed with ‘the foul’ …well…don’t be. Carolina March links to the newspaper war. David Glenn has three keys for tonight, none of which are scoring more points than Dook. Tar Heel Fan has tons and thinks we will win by 12. IC says the tables have turned. Enough links for me…though there are tons more.

What do I think? I think Dook sucks! I can’t stand the thought of losing to Dook. Really. Still this is a Dook team that might beat us with Lawson. They are very, very good. They play much faster than last year’s team and the defense is quite formidable. Yes, we match up well inside against them but if we are to have any chance, we must limit them to one shot and execute extremely effectively in the half court. (My run-on analysis!) We could do that. I’m cautiously optimistic that Q won’t have a nightmare. That said, I think the odds are in Dook’s favor tonight if not the spread. We are favored by 5.

IC has full singing day coverage! Apparently there is a football game tonight too. Finally…



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  1. i’m a completely biased UNC homer. if the heels can keep this game in the 70’s then they will prevail. but if dook pulls that 5 on 3 strategy on the heels it will greatly decrease the heels’ chances. until i see it happen, i just don’t think that UNC will let this dook team beat them.

    hopefully, i can erase this comment later if need.

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