F*ck Dook, Jack Daly, and Thursday Morning

February 7, 2008 at 10:04 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 6 Comments
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That was very, very painful. To beat Dook without Tywon we would have had to play almost perfectly. We played well but Dook was always in control of the game because we just could not match them without easy fast-break points. Some feel we didn’t play well and surely Wayne and Danny will rarely shoot that poorly.  The free throws misses were also troubling. I can respect that opinion but Dook has been forcing turnovers and playing fantastically on O all season. That is what they do. I thought we did play good defense, especially in the second half. Carolina has had trouble with help defense all season, and we’ve been working on rotating over when someone gets into the lane. We did help and they kicked it out for a three and they made a lot of them. Give them the jumper before giving them the lay up, that’s what we want, right? They made several really tough shots down the stretch. For me the game was lost because we didn’t get transition baskets. We have a good half court offense but not good enough to beat Dook without near flawless execution. Call it an excuse, a reason, an explanation…we are not  a better team than Dook without Ty Lawson. We might have won, but if we played that team 100 times without Tywon we’d lose 75 of them…maybe more.  That is not because we suck without Tywon but rather because those douche bags are f8cking good this year.

Jack Daly does not deserve oxygen. He makes the case that the loss of Tywon Lawson was not the primary reason that we lost last night:

“In all, UNC went 3-of-17 from beyond the arc. The Tar Heels turned the ball over 20 times. More than that, their usually incisive offense just wasn’t very dangerous. “

Yep…didn’t miss Lawson at all. Brett Friedlander writes that Roy made the correct decision. Marcus Ginyard says you just have to guard the ball. I don’t have the heart to read any more about last night’s abortion.

F*ck those jersey republican elite diving c8nty asshats. We are winning in Cameron.


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  1. […] to say, the Tarheel Nation isn’t feeling to spry about the loss, something Jackie Manuel’s Posse does a great job of relaying: That was very, very painful. To beat Dook without Tywon we would have had to play almost […]

  2. Revenge is a dish best served in person to dook’s dorkish minions. Get Healthy Ty.

  3. I don’t know if I understand. How would having Lawson in the game have made Danny or Wayne hit a shot?

  4. The shots would be better, more open, and less frequent. Transition points probaly account for half of Green’s game. Wayne gets plenty on the secondary break. There weres some open looks, but there were more bad/forced shots than missed open ones.


    Hard to achieve structured chaos without Lawson.


  5. good points. Just seemed like for the most part we played well enough to win last night, the shots just weren’t falling for two of our more prolific scorers.

  6. Yeah. Perhaps. I guess my point is…the reason they didn’t have good games is because our offense was faced with trying to break Dook down in the half court rather than running and getting the easier baskets. Carolina usually beats Dook by destroying them on the boards and getting out in transition. Last night we didn’t really do either. 4-24 (Green and Ellignton’s FG M/A) is brutal, but would 8-24 have gotten done? Probaby not. Would 10-24? Maybe. That would be enough points, but Dook slowed everything down for the last five minutes. They were in control. If Danny and Wayne had been lights out we probably would have won, but they weren’t and Dook had something (probably a lot) to do with that.

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