Not In Chapel Hill!

February 11, 2008 at 10:03 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 1 Comment
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That was just a tad surreal. With 3:13 left in the game, James Mays dunks the ball giving Clemson an 79-68 lead. A minute or so earlier I wondered if Carolina would score 70. Up to the that point everything had been a struggle for Carolina. I mean everything. Passing, dribbling, walking upright….it was ugly. Even though Clemson had lost the prior 52 fixtures in Orange County, there seemed to be almost no chance that they would lose this one.

3:00 79-70 Danny Green made Two Point Layup.
2:36 79-72 Tyler Hansbrough made Two Point Layup.
2:14 79-74 Tyler Hansbrough made Two Point Layup.
2:02 Foul on Cliff Hammonds
1:53 79-77 Danny Green made Three Point Jumper.

One minute and seven seconds later we were back in it. Clemson crapped the bed. We hadn’t even made them miss free throws yet and in some cases they literally just threw the ball right to us. Then Clemson came right back:

1:24 Cliff Hammonds made Three Point Jumper. 82-77
1:11 82-80 Danny Green made Three Point Jumper. n.
1:04 James Mays missed Two Point Layup. 82-80
0:36 82-80 Foul on Quentin Thomas
0:36 Demontez Stitt missed Free Throw. 82-80
0:26 82-82 Quentin Thomas made Two Point Layup.
0:02 K.C. Rivers missed Two Point Layup. 82-82

Quentin Thomas ties the game! At that point I couldn’t see us losing. We almost did anyways. Yes, Carolina was clutch and awesome and ridiculous in those last three minutes. Honestly though, how in the hell did Clemson lose that one? Which gods did Tree Rollins piss off? Anyways, I had so much fun in the last 13 minutes of that one! The expectations had dropped so low that it felt great to barely beat Clemson at home. Something to remember as we move forward, perhaps.

No point in looking too closely at the box score and all that. We won a huge and crazy game without one of our best players! Not much turn around time as we head to Charlottesville tomorrow night. Roy mentioned in the post game that Lawson probably would not play. More on that tomorrows.

Carolina March has updated league stats. Premiership highlights. JJ on the bench.


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  1. There was something about watching the end of this game that reminded me of Hansborough and his fellow juniors first year at Carolina, challenging low expectations with smart play and effort. And David Noel. Clemson arguably deserves to have two wins against us this year.

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