Tired Tar Heels Travel To Tharlottesville

February 12, 2008 at 9:56 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 7 Comments
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Some days you have to work when at work. That’s what causes blog titles like the one above. I’m blaming work at work. OK? My friend, Jack Daly, talks to Roy about the beat up basketball team. Ken Tysiac writes that Marcus and Tywon are game time decisions. I am also a game time decision. 60 minute IPA or Two Hearted Ale? Remains to be seen. Robbi Pickeral worries that Sean Singletary will cause problems. Bob Hoiliday mentions Curtis Staples, Harold Deane and Richard Morgan. I honestly don’t remember Dick Morgan. Who is he? I do remember Johnny Crotty though. Anyways Virginia is really fighting it. I expect Leitao to have them ready. The main issue is that Singletary is having/trying to do way way too much. Sean ranks 20th in assist rate, which is awesome but he’s also using more than 30 % of UVA’s possessions. That is an absurd number. His offensive rating has really suffered due to the extra usage. The Cavaliers have been unlucky though and I doubt they are the worst team in the league. I can’t see us having an easy time without Tywon. Carolina March doesn’t think we’ll have too much trouble.

Bob Lipper freaks me out a bit with a piece on where Tyler gets his strength. Adam Lucas gives some props to Q-Tip. Tar Heel Fan has reasonable points for whining Clemson supporters.

A reality show I would watch? Hurricanes make a huge trade. Did we really have to give up Commodore? I guess we did. GO HEELS!


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  1. I almost forgot!


    Still not legit 07-08 title contenders, though. United’s title to lose.

  2. Congrats on the league! Arsenal has had a fantastic year and they deserve the title.

  3. But MOD, Arsenal sold Henry and United bought Tevez. There is no way we can play with you. You have Ronaldo, Shrek, Rooney….nobody has ever heard of our players. You guys must be feeling lucky to get us in the FA cup on Saturday.

    Honestly I’m just hoping to pip Sp*rs for 4th.

  4. Do I have to repeat myself?
    Congrats on the league! Arsenal has had a fantastic year and they deserve the title.

  5. As I said MOD…12 long games left. Sp*rs could still catch us and United are clearly the best team in England.

  6. “But if you do look in our freezer and see some weird meat — like, maybe bison — that’s Tyler’s.”

    Sounds like Tyler and Hep have some things in common.

  7. Tyler is so invited to the next smokeout!

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