Lawson Not Expected To Return on Saturday

February 14, 2008 at 9:51 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 2 Comments
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Roy says:

“Last Saturday when we made the decision that Ty was not going to play against Clemson, we decided that at point that he was also not going to play against Virginia, and we were going to hold him out of everything until Thursday of this week and see if those extra four or five days would really help him a great deal. So I’m anxious to see what he can do on Thursday and see how much pain he will have. I’ll be honest with you, I really do not expect for him to play against Virginia Tech, but we’ll have to wait and see.”

“Every injury is different and the only person that knows is the guy that has it. He’s the only one that knows how much pain he has. We tried him Thursday of last week – just some simple up-and-down stuff – and he couldn’t do it. And on top of that, the next day it was much more painful than it was on Thursday… No one knows what that one person is going through. And so that’s the way we looked at it and Ty’s still having pain.

“And the other thing is, a Roy Williams or a Woody Durham – how you play, you may not need certain parts of your body as much as other guys. Alex Stepheson is a muscle guy. Well, Ty Lawson’s feet are what enables him to be really, really effective. And if his feet are hurt, if the motor is hurt, you can’t push it. And I think that’s something that everybody’s got to understand as well.”

There were some rumblings that Roy was unhappy with Tywon and several message boards were full of ‘Ty needs to suck it up’ crap. Good to hear that isn’t the case. Coach Williams is just anxious to get one of the best players in the coutry back on the court. I think we can all understand that. John Gasaway posted updated tempo-free conference stats:

Remember all the angst and hand-wringing over North Carolina’s defense a few weeks ago? That was before Ty Lawson went down four minutes into the Florida State game on February 3. Now the object of concern should be the Tar Heel offense. Without Lawson, Carolina has eked out just 1.03 points per trip over the past four games, including last night’s one-point win at Virginia. (The defense, conversely, has shown no change.) Roy Williams needs Lawson to return healthy and soon.

I didn’t need a computer to know that but it is interesting to see how dramatic the difference is. Gregg Found gets Bobby Frasor to talk about sharing a bathroom with Tyler Hansbrough. David Glenn does something with brackets. Should be a fun game on Saturday. How is Jim Nantz not on this list? Greivis is fly, man. Holy f8ck that game was awful. Did anyone see Vitale’s grandkids wearing all that Dook shite? Unbelievable.



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  1. Picture of said offense.

  2. Why rush the guy back when the team can obviously win without him? Sure they’ve kept it close, but it speaks volumes about the role of the Tarheel bench while Ty’s been down-and-out.

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