Heels Back In ACC Title Race. Maybe.

February 18, 2008 at 10:01 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 4 Comments
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Saturday was anything but ugly. Sunday was almost as good too. First, a few links and thoughts on the first blowout since January. We got fast break points! Without Tywon Lawson! I’m not sure exactly how many, but I figured the Hokies would make things very difficult for us and instead we had our way with them. We were huge on the boards and for most of the game Virginia Tech could not buy a basket. Roy was very pleased with the defensive effort:

I think it was our best defensive game of the year, but let’s be honest–they missed some shots that they normally would make. You look at their field goal percentage for both halves right at 26 percent. If we could keep everybody–and if we had been playing defense like that the whole season it would really [have] been a fun time.

We’ll see if Carolina can play that well this week against N.C. State and Wake Forest. I think we have seen more aggression and perhaps even better defensive rebounding. Still not convinced we are great…but if we can get Tywon back…maybe we don’t need to be great. The Hokies came into the game really fighting it on offense and so for me our offensive performance was much more impressive. Only Dook had been playing better defense. Q-Tip is a legend! THF looks around the ACC. With Wake Forest’s huge upset last night, the Heels have a chance to share the conference title. We’ll probably need to win out, but it did seem like Dook was capable of running the table. Well done Demon Deacons! Adam Lucas welcomes the familiar feeling. You have until 2 to ask Marcus a question. Greg Little came in after a few seconds.

Canes on a roll? The Dolphins are even ruining other sport for me now. Ken Pomeroy looks at the zebras. FA Cup lowlights. Baseball Prospectus has the final projected 2008 standings. We have a new defensive coordinator.



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  1. Pompey? give me a f’n break.
    How predictable was that?

  2. it isn’t chelski at least.

    Is Gilberto really Brazillian?

    Armand Traore’s last 180 minutes: Opposition 9-1 Arsenal

    Congrats on the league, mod.

  3. It would have been chelski. But a more important rule is that Chelski has to play a lower division club. So Pompey was the lock.
    Traore played bad but who played well?

  4. Very fair point. Jens was MOM by default. Eboue and Gallas did manage to try and hurt a United player. Ade offered some comedy.

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