Q has the Flu

February 19, 2008 at 10:03 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 1 Comment
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Of course he does:

Senior Quentin Thomas, who has been starting in place of Lawson, came down with the flu Sunday morning. Williams is hopeful Thomas won’t be out long because the team’s medical staff caught it early.

So I guess he’ll probably be OK for tomorrow night. It really isn’t funny any more though and I hope this isn’t going to keep spreading throughout the team. Roy also had some strong words in defense of Tywon when asked about whether Tywon was protecting his draft status :

“I don’t think that is a factor at all. We’ve never talked about. He still has pain in the foot, and the doctors are being very cautious with it, which is what we should be. Whether I like it or not, and in fact I don’t like it, that everybody only talks about the end of the year in college basketball, but that’s what everybody talks about – it is an important time. So I think we would be making a huge mistake trying to rush somebody to get back in when [you] are still keeping your head above water and feeling like you’ve got a great chance to play at the end of the year. We’d rather be healthier at the end of the year.

“We have not discussed, and I don’t think it’s been in Ty’s mind one second about something that he’s trying to protect himself [against]. I think he wants to help the Tar Heels win, and frankly, if I had a player that I thought [that way], then I could keep him out a heck of a lot longer and could make him really be healthy.”

This kind of stuff was all over the message boards and it was always ridiculous. We knew 10 seconds after it happened that he could miss 6 weeks or be back in the second half.  It’s been miserable not having him, but there is just no question that the Heels are being smart about this. Bill Cole gets both insatiable and tenaciously into a Psycho T article. I prefer Hansbrough Special to Gregor. Still HS isn’t really good enough either. Kareem might cringe…but the ‘Ty Hook’? Anyone? Um. Tar Heel Fan links to a nice MJ interview. Coach K and Roy are exchanging anonymous barbs.  Gasaway and Pomeroy are not getting carried away. I am though…Dook sucks now. Grant Wahl mailbag.

You know…this seems pretty harmless. That said if anyone can ruin our chances in 8 exhibitions than Tommy would qualify. Being a marine mammal fan never gets easier, does it? Science plays for Boston! Arsenal limpness.


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  1. […] team, who will be without Lawson. Tyler Hansbrough (infected toe) and Quentin Thomas (back spasms, and apparently the flu?) are also battling nagging […]

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