Big Story Before State Game: Dook

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A bit telling that we play North Carolina State tonight and ESPN has a ‘front page’ story about Rat and Roy’s fightin’ words. I linked this yesterday and it really isn’t worth yawning about. For the Wolfpack and their fans, this game is as big is it gets. For the rest of the country it is just another game. Roy may not feel that way and Eddy Landreth thinks there is more hate in the State game. Not any more….and probably never again. Still, I don’t expect an easy time tonight. Even though State lacks a PG and has lost three in a row, they could present some problems for us in a slower game. The valet has them pumped:

“We’ve had too many games in between to worry about what happened over there,” Lowe said. “It’s our next ballgame and that’s obviously something they should think about. But no, it’s not something they’ve been looking forward to (doing).

“We don’t have a team that we can afford to do that. If we did that, that means we’d be looking ahead and we don’t have a team that we can look ahead.”

You wouldn’t want to be looking ahead, now, would you? I’m just really happy that State Fan Nation got their man. NCAA tourney appearances are so boring (see #10 seed in South). It seems more and more likely that Sidney wasn’t ready for this. Tar Heel Fan has a preview posted. State really isn’t doing anything well right now but not having Lawson might slow the game just enough to give them a shot. We are favored by 8. ACC Now wonders if Tywon coming back will actually help us? Comparing Quentin and Tywon is unfair, because Lawson is absolutely amazing. Getting him back healthy is huge. Robbi Pickeral notes that Tyler has soft touch. A little more info than we needed if you ask me. Question for the Posse: Which is softer…Tyler Hansbrough’s touch or Sean May’s hands? Carolina March notices some banner envy.
Cash Cup previews and recaps. This does not make me feel very confidant. Go Heels!

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