Carolina Back In First!

February 21, 2008 at 10:20 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 4 Comments
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The title might be a slight stretch as Dook does hold the tiebreaker right now. Losing in Cameron is pretty much unthinkable though, so no worries. The Heels control their destiny! Can anyone actually control their destiny…isn’t that predetermined or something? Carolina had little problem with the Pack in the last twenty minutes. The first half was played at State’s pace and they were very much in the game. The second was much faster and really the Pack just seemed to quit, as we scored 50. Tyler absolutely destroyed J.J and McHick. Paul Giamatti Bob Sutton notes that the RBC Center suits the Heels. Caulton doesn’t understand the difference between individual and team. Andrew Jones is not doubting Thomas. Chris Clark shows us how bad it was. Tar Heel Fan has a recap. Can I get a caption? John…this is not funny. Carolina March writes that we might be getting through.

Maybe Rat should listen to Roy and worry about his own team! Close does not cut it in cash cup. Favorite line from SFN blogging of the game:

8:51 – Simon should punch Hansblow in the nuts.

Pure Class.

People keep interrupting me here as I try to blog, so I’m going to have to actually work now. Maybe more blogs later.


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  1. I’m pretty sure I saw a sign reading, “Happy Birthday Herb.”

    I’m guessing John can get back to running his NIT pools that Herb’s last five years thwarted.

  2. Caption: “They charge HOW much for an appletini at Another Thyme?”

    I think I’m still ill.

  3. James, this is a sports blog. Please don’t use the word “appletini” here again. Thanks.

  4. Man, you KNOW Hansbrough is like me and gets the frozen margarita at El Rodeo. Peas in a pod, I’m tellin ya. Besides, you know my nickname on the wrestling team was appletini.

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