This Isn’t The BCS

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Good Morning Posse. Several stories about the race for the #1 seed this morning. Joe Lunardi says there are 7 teams competing for the seeds:

North Carolina (ESPN/USA Today Poll No. 2, InsideRPI No. 3, S-Curve No. 3, ASM 20.63). The Tar Heels have overcome injuries and a home loss to Duke to resurface as a No. 1 seed. They also control their own destiny in the ACC, with a regular season and tournament title possible if Carolina wins out. I’m not betting against it, assuming Ty Lawson returns in time for the March 8 rematch with Duke at Cameron.

Chances for No. 1 overall: 10 percent
Chances for a No. 1 seed: 55 percent

I’m not sure he used actual math to get those percentages, but it seems like we have more than a 10 % chance at #1 overall. The importance in getting the #1 overall seed is real, if not crucial. Many feel these 7 teams are clearly better than the rest, and one team will not have one of the others in their way (regionally speaking). Adding importance for Carolina is the opportunity to play all of their regional games in Raleigh and Charlotte. Getting that seed was clearly a goal for us and it is within our grasp. I’m just refusing to get too wound up about it. Louisville might be as good as anybody and the coaches are not going to decide that we play UCLA in the Cotton Bowl. We’ll be a high seed and and we’ll have our shot. #1 overall seed or not. The time is actually later. Jack Day talks to Alex.

Joe Sheehan is just asking for UT e-mails. John Gasaway checks in with new tempo-free stats. Mark Simpson-Vos notes that the Heels are not fat and happy. Has this team gotten better? Hard to argue that we have not, really. May it continue. Roy mentions that Carolina will try to get Bobby another year of eligibility.

“Bobby is not eligible and yet at the same time, we’ll go through the process of appealing it. He’s played two more games than would make him not only eligible, but almost guarantee him getting him an extra year. He played two more games this year, and we’re going to try to build his case and put as much legalese as we can out there.”

Tar Heel Fan has an excellent break down of Hansbrough v. Beasley. How can we not back Tyler here?

Hurricanes are playing well again! Classy Scousers. Not news, really.


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