Carolina Is Not Better Without Ty Lawson

February 28, 2008 at 10:18 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 29 Comments
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Is this even a legitimate question? J.P. Giglio has mixed in some strange stuff with mostly great blogging over at ACC Now, but this is completely inane:

When UNC needed a basket to save its 2007 season, it was Lawson with the ball, kicking to Wayne Ellington in the final seconds of regulation against Georgetown in the regional final of the NCAA Tournament.

If the Heels get into the same situation this March, where do you think the ball would go? There’s no doubt Thomas would pass to Hansbrough.

What would Lawson, who could return as soon as Saturday’s game with Boston College, do?

Probably drive to the basket and score. We’ve scored less points per possession without Tywon and we’ve turned it over a lot more often. Q has been terrific. We needed above average play from him and he has delivered. Still, we’ve struggled to win games in Charlottesville and Tallahassee and we were really lucky to avoid losing to Clemson for the first time ever in Chapel Hill. The last three games have been nice, but let us not get too carried away by a win against the pathetic Pack and home wins against the Hokies and Demon Deacons. Dook really took advantage of Lawson’s absence and anyone who seriously argues that we are better without Tywon Lawson’s ability to increase our pace and make our offense more efficient needs to check themselves. Not looking too promising for Saturday right now.

Jack Daly talks to Roy about a few things. More Tyler propaganda. David Glenn notes that the bubble costs? Grant Wahl has an interesting article about player abuse this season. I think there is a clear difference between an organized group doing something offensive (like Oregon) and a few lunatics acting like douche bags. Every fan base has morons and there is little that be done about those people. The coaches and athletic director have to make sure that the environment is safe and any organized supporters should know better. As for homophobia in sport….I think college athletics could play a huge role in helping improve things. It would be a recruiting risk for someone like Roy to campaign against homophobia but a worthy one. Maybe Dean Smith will step up.

How will Coach K report this injury? Pomeroy with an article I don’t understand, yet. The fans are at fault. Never too early for bad news.

Today marks the one year anniversary of Jackie Manuel’s Posse (blog). I’d like the thank this blog for saving my marriage (outlet for b*tching/obsessing about sport) and also for giving me something to do while at work. Cheers to my five readers/posters as well.



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  1. Do you think Lawson runs the half court offense as well as Q? I’d like to see if we’ve increased our efficiency in the half court offense while Lawson has been out.

  2. Yes. Yes I do.

    I think Tywon is a much better player than Q and I can’t believe anyone would think otherwise. Lawson has an O rating of 124.8. Thomas does not break 100.

    Hansbrough stepped up his game, no doubt, but he’s done that by geting more steals and especially improving his rebounding. I can’t prove it with a stat chart, but htose rebounds are coming because we are not runing as much and because we are missing more shots. We’ve played MORE half-court with Q in charge. That’s not a good thing though and I sincerely doubt we’ve been better in the half court with Q. Tywon has an eFG of nearly 60%!!!!!!

    Q has really improved at running the secondary break over the last games and that is what’s behind out offensive returning to almost normal. N.C State’s welcoming committe..I mean defense helped out too. I defended Q from early on as an ACC caliber PG. That he is. Tywon Lawson he is not.

  3. Since you started this blog, only 41.1% of our conversations have been about sports–a 29.7% decrease from February 2007! On the other hand, you have made fun of my Cards on several occasions, and I now know what PECOTA is.

  4. She also knows what VORP means. This means my wife is smarter than 82.6% of the writers I link to. She does not appreciate this for some reason.

  5. The team is not going to be as efficient with Q in the line up since they don’t run. But they will be teams against which we’re going to have to execute in the half court set and waay too many times in the last two years I have seen Lawson not run the offense like it should be run.

    On the other hand against most teams those easy baskets make a blow out out of a possibly close game.

    My point is not that Q is better than Lawson (cos he’s not) but that perhaps the Heels in certain games (very few but probably against better comp) may be better off with Ellington and Tyler taking more shots than Lawson, Ellington and Tyler.

  6. I’ll respectfully and completely disagree that Q is better in the half court. Tywon can get the ball to Tyler just as effectively as Q and most likely he’ll help keep Tyler from getting doubled too. I want Tywon getting more shots than anyone since he’ know…our best shooter. I think the last three games have made people screwey. Our offense wes very sad looking against FSU, Dook, Virginia, and Clemson. Turnover numbers:

    FSU 21
    Dook 20
    Clemson 20
    Virgnia 17 (only scored 75 points lowest since Ohio St which Lawson also missed)
    Virginia Tech 19
    N.C. State 11
    Wake Forest 20

    Lawson takes care of the ball better than just about anyone, something that is hugely responsible for our offense reamining nearly as efficient as last season despite losing Brandan.

    I’d rather have Lawson take the last shot than anyone else really…07-08 POY included.

  7. Tywon Lawson is not our best shooter. Perhaps you mean scorer. But even then…
    He can only shoot that his nice little set shot with about one second free time. Plus his eFG stats are padded by being weighted to our non-ACC sched. Which was weak.

    Ellington should get every last second shot on any team he’s on. Lawson would not get a last sec shot off against most decent defensive teams.

    Finally, I agree with the TO assessment. I think that will help. And I agree Lawson is going to improve the team coming back.

  8. 1. I love you MOD!
    2. I meant shooter. eFG% Skewed by schedule or not.Lay ups are shots too. Good ones, actually.
    3. Maybe Wayne should take the last shot. Maybe Tyler. I’d have Tywon drive though on any last posession. He’ll get a lay up, get fouled, or kick it out to Wayne.

  9. Layups are the best shot. And you get more of them against crap teams. Give me a schedule weighted eFG with a sample size of more than 20 games and then we can talk statistically about who is the better shooter.

    Here’s another question — can you think of a good to very good NBA player who has no jump shot?
    I can’t figure out if Lawson will be a good NBA player with his set shot. He has all the other skills to be a very good player.

  10. I should qualify that question with a positional requirement of Guard. lots of centers out there without a J.

  11. In Tywon’s last game before going down he was 4-6 from the feld and 8-9 at the line. 16 points. 10 assists. 0 turnovers. That was against Tyrese Rice.

    The game before that he went for 23 points on 9-16 shooting and 3-3 from the line. He made 2 of 3 three pointers. 10 assists. 1 turnover. That was against Jack McClinton.

    The set shot is funny…but he can hit it. He’s awfully short for an NBAer. Not that he can’t make it, but the he’d be an exception to the rule no doubt. Rajan Rondo just learned how to shoot this season. Jason Kidd can’t shoot anymore.

  12. Some stats from acc play:

  13. Both of those guys you mention are better passers than Tywon and both very tall (Kidd) or long (Rondo). It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

  14. Where does this ‘Lawson can’t pass’ come from. Kidd I’ll give you because, well, Kidd is a better passer than anyone. 20 assists, 1 TO! He can pass! If Q can throw it into Tyler…so can Tywon. Trust me. It seems the whole arguemnt for Q is based on Tyler upping his game. He’s done that because he had to. We’d be 3-3 at best without him. Turns out that we are not as good witout Lawson.

  15. Good question. Where did it come from?
    I looked and looked at my post and I DID NOT SEE THOSE WORDS. I can’t disagree with something I did not say.

    I said Lawson can’t pass like Rondo and Kidd. They’re bonafide great NBA passers. Kidd being an all time great.

  16. Well what makes Q better in the half court. Shooting? No. Quickenss? No. Better ball handling? No. I can only assume the people arguing that Q is better in the half court are talking about his passing. Or they are smoking crack.

    Tywon is a better passer and shooter than Rondo was at Kentucky. Tywon just turned 20 this season.

  17. He’s a better passer and shooter than Rondo was at Kentucky.

    Based on what??

  18. Lawson FG% as sophomore 54.3
    Rondo FG % as sophomore 48.2

    Lawson APG as sophomore 5.7
    Rondo APG as sophomore 4.9

  19. and obv I am talking about the passing not the shooting. Although Rondo did have a 51% eFG at UK his soph year.

  20. I think Rondo is a better passer. We’ll have to disagree.

  21. Lawson ranked 25th in Pomeroy’s assist rate. Rondo was ranked 52nd.

  22. Based on what? Your Celtic love? Back it up, MOD.

  23. I watch them play.
    Assists are not a perfect stat by which to measure passing because it is reliant on a) a scorekeeper’s judgement and b) another player making a shot.
    And even if it were a good stat — the sample size is small enough to deem the different immaterial.
    I think Rondo is a better passing. You won’t convince me otherwise.

  24. He is now. He wasn’t though. Rondo was crazy coming out of Kentucky. All pace and no finish. He’s gotten massively better at everything in Boston. I’ll give you the points about assists and Tywon probably won’t get to where Rajan is today, but Lawson is the better college player and college passer too. How many Kentucky games did you watch in 2006 anyways? Are you a closet bluegrass fan?

    This has been very enjoyable.

  25. I have friends who went to UK.

  26. Jeez, 25 comments and no one is discussing the real revelation, Kevin Love is related to the Beach Boy’s Mike Love. I would have heckled the shit out of him. Mike Love that is. I think we need to take it easier on the kids. Congrats on doing this for a year.

  27. I, for one, am very much looking forward to TL’s return.

    Happy anniversary, Jackiemanuel. And thank you. This blog thread explains the significant drop in G-talk “entertain me” pings by MOD this week. Keep up the good work.

  28. Can I still make fun of Greg Paulus’s douche baggery?

  29. We will beat UNC with or without TL.

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