BC Game Is Vital. Kind Of. Not Really.

February 29, 2008 at 9:21 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 6 Comments
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Eddy Landreth writes that the East #1 is at stake and the test begins on Saturday. Roy Williams does not seem too concerned:

“I’ve never seen a damn building help me win a game yet. But how you play, that’s got a lot to do with it.”

To be fair, the Smith Center is not damned. Lawson and Thompson are ‘questionable‘ for Saturday. ACC Now has a podcast posted and Caulton agrees with J.P. and says that Carolina are better in the half court with Quentin. I don’t get it but apparently several others agree with that assessment. Caulton is looking really good. Carolina March thinks it is silly too. Hopefully Boston College won’t test us too much. They’ve lost three in a row and had a season low eFG% of 34.5 in their last game.

Barry Jacobs has all kinds of ACC gossip. Canes streak is over. Does Juan Pierre even weigh 30 pounds? Premiership previews. Not really funny, but what the f*ck. I got this from CSTB…Kyle is actually hugging a pillow while being called a sex symbol by ‘some people’. Then he gets PB&J. The man has some ups.


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  1. Here is my point on Lawson v QT. I think we are better off with Lawson, but what I want to see if Lawson incorporate some of that pass first mentality into his game at certain points. I still think the fast break needs Lawson and I also think his dribble penetration is indispensable but at the same time I also see QT doing some effective things Lawson can learn from. Then again if he goes for 20 assists and one turnover as he did versus Miami and BC then screw it.

    The interesting possibility to me is the potential run both QT and Lawson at the same time if they face teams like Duke which employ some matchup problems. QT, Lawson, Ginyard, Ellington and Hansbrough is essentially Duke’s lineup with a better interior presence.

  2. Not saying this about anyone in particular. THF has done very well to make a reasoned and clear argument. But some of the folks who are claiming a better half court offense under Q don’t necessarily consider that our half court offense had nowhere to go but up. Perhaps had Lawson NOT been injured, we would have still vastly improved in the half court because we have a really good coaching staff and a handful of smart players.

    Yes, perhaps Lawson’s injury served as a catalyst for the team focusing on half court offense. It’s true that with Q starting our half court offense becomes that much more vital. But that’s not to say that a natural (for lack of a better term) improvement hasn’t taken place and wouldn’t have under Lawson.

  3. THF’s first paragraph is what I was ineffectually trying to say through 10 posts in the last entry. This is why I don’t blog.

  4. I understand the idea behind the what youu are saying. First, you two are not making the clain that we are better with Q. that is what J.P. wrote and said. That is something I find absurd. You two are saying that while we are not better with Q, perhaps Thomas does a few things better. I don’t really agree with that either, but maybe I’m missing something. Sometimes when we run, we take bad shots instead of getting the ball to Tyler, but it’s usually not Tywon doing that. He has a great assist to turnover rate and he’s one of the best scoring options in the country.

    I do think we’ll see a bit of Q and Tywon on the floor, but while I am impressed with Q…I think we might have gotten carried away.

  5. BTW, that whole press conference with Roy was outstanding. You should go to Tar Heel Blue and watch the whole thing. He talks about a lot of stuff the media does not quote. Talking about the NCAA Tourney sites was funny since he was referring to 1995 when they ended up playing UVa and got whipped.

  6. Please, PLEASE make fun of this picture in the blog tomorrow.

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