Lawson is Good, Tyler is Gooder

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Not as much time for blogging as I’d like this morning. I’ve give you one guess what Caulton Tudor wrote about this morning. I’ll leave Kansas hype so we have something to talk about in what will probably be the longest week ever in the history of weeks. Tywon is good. By good I mean healthy not rad, though he’s obviously that too.

Adam Lucas was dropping acid during the game:

We’ve seen all that. But Saturday night, we saw something we might not have seen before. We saw Ty Lawson sprint past Kenny Smith. Late in the game, I could’ve sworn I saw Tyler Hansbrough post up Brad Daugherty.

These are the ghosts that you see every day when you play basketball for the University of North Carolina. You see them in the rafters. You see them dotting the walls of the locker room in color photographs. Your coach mentions them regularly.

Grant Wahl has seen Pyscho Wee. I might be the only Carolina supporter who thinks the hardest working stuff is silly. Does Tyler work hard? Aboslutely. No doubt. Does he work harder than Wes Miller did? George Lynch? David Noel? Jackie Manuel? Marcus Ginyard? I don’t know and you don’t either. Tyler is a freaking beast. He’s extremely good at basketball. A Tar Heel legend. No need for ridiculous claims, really. What Tyler and the Heels did in the second half was absolutely amazing. The kind of effort that we’ll never ever forget. Louisville came to play and we responded with the poise of a Final Four team!

Who does not have a mixed history? C-ron was ridiculous. Canes blew a chance to wrap it up. If Juan starts today, I’m canceling Extra Innings. Could be a long season.


Final Four!!!!!!!

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Too Easy

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I don’t have too much time to spend inside blogging on this glorious Friday. Besides, there is not much to write, really. We destroyed our first three opponents and have a delicious looking Regional Final with Louisville tomorrow. Nervously delicious. Anything can happen in a one and done tournament and the Cardinals are good enough to beat us. You can’t help but be confident with the Heels hitting 5th gear at the perfect time. When asked about how impressive the Heels were against the hyped cougar D, Roy said:

”I watched Notre Dame, they struggled getting the ball in the basket. Seemed like they were out of sync the whole game. We were struggling getting the ball in the basket, but I felt like we were okay. We were getting pretty good shots. We just weren’t making them or we were rushing the shots we had. So I felt pretty good about that.

”I do feel good about our offense, there is no question there. I think we had great balance, but you look down and Ty is 5-for-11, Wayne is 4-for-13, Tyler is 6-for-15. We don’t have those kinds of shooting nights very often. But I do think in the NCAA Tournament we have to relax a little more.

Scary. And it isn’t just our offense. Feinstein is setting us up and Louisville are a lot like Washington State with out the suck. Solid defensively, good rebounders, streaky shooting, slower pace…if we keep playing like we have been (scoring more points) it just doesn’t matter. Tip is at 9ish tomorrow.

GO HEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elite Eight!!!!!

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Margin Of Error

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The waiting is almost over. Washington State is going to try to get us out of gear, test us with their defense, make us play differently, put on the breaks, use the shot clock, play deliberately, and will test our tempo. It is almost enough to make you think both teams will be playing different sports this evening. I’m pretty sure that the game will be basketball and the the key won’t be tempo, but rather who scores more points. This is my understanding of the game and the kind of hard hitting analysis you can only find here at JMP.

The Cougars are going to do some things tonight that we can’t control, but I believe their margin for error is extremely low. Roschete, Low, and Weaver need to make a lot of threes. The Cougars probably can’t win if two of those players have a tough shooting night. They need the officiating to be loose allowing Cowgil and Baynes to stay out of foul trouble. Washington State absolutely can’t turn the ball over much this evening. The good news for them is that they are capable of doing all that. The have the shooters, the refs do seem to let more go in March, and they take care of the ball very well. The bad news for the Cougars is that even if they do all of that they’ll also need Carolina to be off of their game. If we can avoid those 5 minute droughts and get the ball inside to Tyler when things are not going well, we can beat them. Obviously we’d like to get a few turnovers and easy baskets and just destroy them in the first ten minutes, but even if that does not happen, we have the ability to hurt them inside. John Gasaway thinks it will be a great game:

Forget tempo. Please. Yes, Washington State is slow and North Carolina is fast. Just remember, Carolina can win at a slower than accustomed pace. (They did it at Boston College, for one.) As for those desultory Cougars, they actually weren’t all that great on defense during the conference season this year, certainly not compared to last year. They do, however, appear to have turned things up a notch on D in the tournament. In two games,WSU has allowed Winthrop and Notre Dame a total of 81 points in 117 combined possessions. Do the math–that’s unreal. The Cougars have done it by making opponents miss their twos, by giving them only one shot and by never fouling. That makes Tony Bennett’s defense the stylistic ideal to play the Tar Heels, a team that scores its points in no small measure by dominating the offensive glass, getting to the free throw line and largely eschewing threes. So why do I feel being the stylistic ideal won’t be enough for Washington State? Probably because both teams have outstanding coaches but only one has outstanding athleticism.

Andy Staples looks as what makes the Cougars successful. Luke Winn talks to an anonymous coach about how to beat North Carolina. Derrick Lowe remembers Roy. Tar Heel Fan thinks Danny and Wayne will be key. ACC Now has tons from Charlotte. Cougar fans are confident. A smart Tar Heel Fan commenter takes Ken Pomeroy to task:

Surprisingly, Pomeroy believes that Washington State is better than Stanford. I know that styles make match-ups and all that, but Stanford has beaten them 3 times, the last 2 convincingly, and finished two games ahead of them in conference and also went farther in the Pac Ten tournament, so once again, this year, Pomeroy’s ratings make very little sense. One wonders exactly what Stanford would have to do to be ranked ahead ofWSU by Pomeroy if beating them 3 times and finishing two games ahead of them in a conference where everyone plays each other twice, is not enough!

Maybe there is something wrong and maybe there isn’t. 12 of Pomeroy’s top 16teams are still playing. Does your bracket look that good? West Virginia and Davidson were also in his top 30, so only Western Kentucky has crashed his party. It does seem silly that WSU is ahead of Stanford, but sometimes numbers show us things we can’t see. I sure hope William is correct about tonight.

Nats win again in Europe?

GO HEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Thursday Ever Get Here?

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How can we work this week with a huge Carolina basketball game to think about?
An interesting read on how Washington State have become a top program. Tony the top Hoosier candidate? I do remember Tony playing for the Hornets. He’s a much better coach. Seriously though, I admire coaches that can go into to tough places and turn around a program. The Cougars hardly have the tradition of California, USC, Arizona, or Washington. Yet they’ve finished in the top 3 of the Pac-10 two years in a row. One of the reasons I respected Herb Sendek was that he used a very smart system to try and recruit players in an otherwise extremely difficult environment. How do you convince the Hodges, Simmons, and Costners to come to State over Carolina, Wake, or Dook? Herb found a way when the odds were against them. Dick Bennett has, albeit with a different system, managed to compete in a similar environment. Sure the basketball can be hard to watch when you are so used to the beautiful basketball we play, but there is quite a bit to admire in their program. We also might have a bit of inside information:

“Wes Miller, who was one of the great kids that I’ve been fortunate enough to coach, was in London this past Christmas and decided that he didn’t want to go back, that he wants to get into coaching. So Wes and I sat down and picked out several schools around the country that he would interested in watching them practice and see them play. So we talked and one of the schools was Washington State. And so I wrote Tony a letter, and bottom line is, they welcomed Wes Miller in with open arms. He watched tape, he watched them practice, they were nice to him. When you’re doing that for somebody else just as a favor, it shows what kind of character you have. I was really pleased with Tony.”

The Cougars better be ready though, because they have not faced anything similar to Carolina basketball. More on that tomorrow. Adam Lucas posts a new mailbag. ESPN has two nice features on Q and Danny. Ken Pomeroy has the latest Log5 analysis.

Baseball Over/Unders. Plaschke and Pierre….I just don’t find this funny. Good news for Bulls! Poland and the Nats play for no good reason. Canes get a point. Dook is lame.

Oh My!

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Andrew Jones notices the team’s business like approach in the post game press conferences. I think they had that in Charlotte too and it is encouraging. The Washington State are slow articles are beginning to pop up. Howie Stalwick (yes, really) talks to a few Cougars ahead of Thursday’s game.

“Our system is a system that tries to give you a chance to compete against the very best, and we’re going to have that chance,” Bennett said.

“We’ve played against a lot of big-name players,” Low said. “I think we’re ready to take on this challenge.”

Rather than being intimidated, Low said he drew inspiration from watching North Carolina destroy Arkansas 108-77 Sunday on television.

“The more I was watching the game,” Low said, “the more kind of excited I was getting because I was thinking to myself, ‘Wow. We get to to play these guys, and this is our chance to face one of the biggest names in college basketball and the opportunity to prove ourselves.'”

It takes some balls to be inspired about the opportunity to play against a team that looked as dominant as we did. I’ll save my thoughts on Washington State basketball for Thursday.
Dick and Jay will be in Charlotte. Dick Enberg does a really nice job at Wimbledon, but basketball is a bit too much for the legend. Bilas is a douche bucket. Could be much worse, though. Roy wins his battle. Tar Heel fan posts a reasonable rebuttal to Basketball Prospectus’s first six months of work.

David Glenn has the answer for Dook fans. He does not go far enough though. Why doesn’t Dook have better players? How can the highest rated program in the sport not be getting good players? Is K missing out because Roy is home, because Dook have revealed themselves to be ass hats, because he is busy with other things? I’m just saying. Possibly great news for college basketball! Can a Posse member caption Paulus? I feel good about being on the other side of Skip Bayless. Dook dolls. Arsenal will rise again?

Everyone’s Favorite Announcer is Deaf…

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to his critics, that is.

Roger Van Der Horst tries to portray Billy Packer in a somewhat sympathetic light, but you can’t shine a turd. 

He’s a political junkie who’d just as soon talk about a campaign as he would a season.  

My idea of hell is talking politics with Mr. Cash’s former pitchman.  I’m fairly certain he’s a right wing windbag.   

He collects art, with a particular fondness for Picasso ceramic plates.

From my limited understanding, Picasso was a bald dickhead as well.  But that’s not all he collects.

More than three decades later, in Seattle for the 1995 Final Four, Packer was scrambling to turn junk into jewels. During an open practice session Friday, Oklahoma State’s Bryant “Big Country” Reeves shattered the backboard with a dunk. Packer ran onto the court and started stuffing pieces of glass into his pockets. If the Cowboys went on to win the title, he could envision a $500,000 windfall in Big Country earrings, necklaces, pendants and the like.

That’s just pathetic.

Overall, he still comes across as a bitter old man.  Bitter his father wasn’t recognized as the genius he was.  Bitter that he didn’t become a head coach.  And uninterested that legions of fans despise him.  Still, this weekend’s worst announcing goes to Bob Wenzel during the Duke game; “HE COULD RUN FOR GOVERNOR!!!”.  What have ye wrought, Dickie V?  And by the way, how is Jay Bilas able to work for both CBS/ESPN? 

Carolina Overwhelmingly Rad

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Performances like the two that the Tar Heels had this weekend are absolutely the kind that title winners have. Arkansas may have played poorly, but even if they had played well, they probably would have lost by 20. Sure, there is no reason to get carried away by two expected wins, but watching this team play their best basketball of the season in March is so encouraging. If Carolina plays like that, I’m not sure anyone can beat them. I think we were starting to see this team right before Lawson went down, and while it did take a bit of time for him to find his confidence, this team is awfully difficult to stop with Tywon running things. We also saw the Deon Thompson that we had hoped would adequately replace Brandan Wright for the first time all season. I’m not saying he was as good, but he was contesting penetration (heh) and just awesome on the offensive end. Washington State will certainly offer a different challenge, and the four best teams in the East will be in Charlotte. Hard not feel confident anyways, no?

Dook sucks. How fantastic is it that DBR had to shut down its boards on Saturday? You might think it was due to trolls, but really it was tons of irate Dook supporters. Dook certainly has lost a bit of luster and when considering that Coach K is on TV more than reruns of Leave It To Beaver, they should be competing for the title every year. I do think some of them have gone overboard though. Dook out-performed most of the pre-season expectations and the Nolan Smith injury killed them. At any rate, I fully support any movement to fire the rat!

Dook Jr. does not suck. I’m no fan of small elite private schools and the Wildcats are pretty hard to support. The were clearly under-seeded and Wisconsin better be ready. I do wonder how they got to play Georgetown in North Carolina. Not too much though.

One shining muppet. A leg of lamb? Premiership lowlights.

Very Good Friday

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Mount St. Mary’s tonight at 7:10! Nice of the NCAA to play Pontius Pilate, and give us a Catholic school on Good Friday. Tar Heel Fan has a brief preview. 850 the Buzz has interviews from the RBC Center. The Mountaineers are short and they like to play much slower than we do. That’s about all I know. They are playing the David to our Goliath. The last time they came to Raleigh they made State’s season. Assuming we can advance….and if we don’t I may delete this blog….a very tough game will be awaiting us on Sunday. Both Indiana and Arkansas can play. Both teams have some size and either Patrick Beverly or Eric Gordon would cause Carolina a few problems. We will have to play well.

SURRY WOOD DUNKING!!!! Eddy Landreth talks to several of the players and they do seem to be very confident. I don’t want that either, Roy. H. Greg Barnes notes that this team has been here before. Williams Kellenberger has written a mostly incoherent commentary. Bill Cole remembers that we lost to Georgetown last year. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to find this gtown redemption article every day this month. Adam Lucas provides us with some personal information. I would believe Will Graves snores. J. P Giglio joins the Love lovers. David Glenn blogs that the ACC needs to step up.

Nats qualify for Beijing. Adu scored on two free kicks, but only the second was decent, really. Belmont bias lacking. Canes are in good shape, now. Shocking. Now this is early recruiting.


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