Quentin Thomas Has A Posse Too

March 4, 2008 at 11:02 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 3 Comments
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Before I blog about FSU, I must write a few words about Q-Tip. Tonight is senior night and Thomas and Surry Wood will be playing their last games in the Smith Center. Q came in as part of Roy’s first recruiting class. It was a very weird recruiting period, if I recall correctly. Marvin Williams, JamesOn Curry, and J.R. Smith were planning to attend and Q was definitely the least heralded prospect. Of course, two of those three never made it to Chapel Hill and Thomas would end up starting as a Freshman in the first game of the season at PG. I’ll never forget that night (Artest melee happening at the same time) and how awful we looked. Carolina would win the title that season but Thomas didn’t really recover from that night in 2004. When Felton got into foul trouble against Villanova in the Sweet 16, Thomas came in, got a charge, and was replaced 14 seconds later by Melvin Scott. The poor guy was asked on a few occasions to do something he was not ready for and the results were predictable. Who knows how the Oakland kid would have done if Raymond had not missed the first game? Q struggled with injuries in his sophomore season, but he did have three huge baskets on J.J Redick’s senior day. He also cut his turnover rate in half. Q’s third season was also wrecked by an early injury. Tywon Lawson entered the picture and he was just too talented for the junior. He only got 2 minutes against Georgetown, but he did have two assists and no turnovers. Thomas’s season so far this year is part of what makes this game great. Professional sides would have hired someone who had shown their ability to be our back up point. In the college game, sometimes these opportunities arise for people who have not proved that they are capable. Q was given a second chance this season and he has been huge. I’m not sure he was really cut out to run the secondary break. He can’t play under control in that fast of a game. Still, I’ve never seen Q give up on a play and he is a very competent ACC PG. Playing behind two of the best ever has not been easy, but many teams would be very happy to have Thomas starting, let alone as a second or third option. I imagine him hitting a huge three in Cameron on Saturday and maybe having some big minutes later this month, leaving us with a much different memory of Quentin than that Friday night in 2004. He certainly deserves a great game this evening and everyone in Tar Heel nation will be in his Posse tonight.

FSU is looking to pop our bubble tonight. OK then. The game is a bit more dangerous than it may seem. The Seminoles gave us everything they had in Tallahassee forcing us into OT, and they come in to Chapel Hill on a three game winning streak. Florida St. are a very strong defensive team and I’m sure they will be physical with us tonight. Tip is at 8 pm.

Basketball Prospectus has new tempo free stats. Look who leads the ACC in defensive efficiency! I think the conference rate stats are much more meaningful than the larger sample size. Certainly, we’ve improved. Huge cash cup games tonight.



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  1. Did that Q article seem cut off?

  2. Yes, but so do some of my blog entries.

  3. Nah man, your bog enties are alays erfect

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