Heels Win 7th Straight!!

March 5, 2008 at 10:11 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 1 Comment
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North Carolina improved their record to 28-2 overall and 13-2 in the league with a comfortable win last night. No looking ahead today as there will be plenty of time for that tomorrow (and Friday). We (heh) pretty much outplayed the Seminoles in every area. We got to the line, we out-rebounded them, they had a tough time getting easy shots, and we shot 70% from the field. An encouraging performance, for sure.

Adam Lucas mentions the impact of Q’s corn rows. Lucas also posted the weekly mailbag yesterday. IC has a Q tribute and Q quotes. Q-Tip is no Q-Tip. Frank Dascenzo didn’t think FSU had a chance on senior night. Tyler still needs one more award to get 50 retired. On that note, JMP would like to announce that Tyler Hansbrough is the winner of the 2007-08 JMP POY. Retire away. I did find one interesting quote from Surry’s speach:

“Next, I want to thank all of the fans. Especially want to thank the ones that left before the Clemson game ended. I assume they left tonight, so let’s give them a round of applause.”

Perhaps a bit of ‘nobody believes in us’ psychology in the locker room? I like it. Granted the #1 team in the country probably has everyone’s respect, but sport psychology appears to be very simple.

Cesc Fabregas = LEGEND! I kind of like ‘Get Met’. Shaq is not working out. Bruce Arena interview. Maybe I will watch a Cards game or two. Bob? Only a Dookie could break recruiting rules at Harvard. Anyone know who we play next?

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  1. Mr. Surrey Wood is the CSLD Business Office Player of the Game.

    CSLD Business Office(tm), for all of your CSLD Business Officing needs.

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