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		     Pace    PPP     PPP      EM
 1.  North Carolina   75.0    1.13    0.98   +0.15

2.  Duke             75.7    1.12    0.99   +0.13 

Couldn’t be much closer, really. Those tempo free stats include games in which we were missing Tywon. There is little question that we’ll need him to play well on Saturday. He seems up for it:

But even with a left hip pointer delaying his plans for a seamless transition back into the starting lineup for Saturday’s pivotal game at Duke, Lawson is determined to provide the spark that was missing in the Tar Heels’ loss to the arch rivals last month.

“It’s at their place and it’s their Senior Night, and I want to ruin that,” Lawson said.

I want that too. I want to see DeMarcus Nelson cry like Hillary Clinton before a primary. I want to see the rat whisper into his ear, mid-embrace, about how it isn’t his fault that he lost his last three games in Cameron against Carolina. I want to see those Jersey ass hats cry for him. Ruin is not strong enough. Oh. Please let this happen. Um. I’m getting a little too aroused. OK.

A. J. Carr uses a regrettable ‘free’ headline in his feature on Danny. Bob Thomas writes that the rivalry is very unique. The Greensboro News-Record notes that this is the first time since 1991 that Dook and Carolina enter the last game tied for first. Hard to believe, actually. Tar Heel Fan is not concerned about the douche bags. Grant Wahl has some b-side info on Tyler. Doesn’t seem like he’ll be anywhere but Chapel Hill next season.

Yoni Cohen takes a shot at State Fans Nation. I prefer shimmy shimmy. Like a fresh turd. Canes win first of a tough back to back. I had more, but whatevers. More Dook analysis bashing tomorrows.


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